SWDP – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Are you so stupid?

After recognizing her ancestry and turned into a young miss with money and riches as the daughter of the Mu Family, she has met countless handsome guys and male stars. But, no one could compare to even a hair of Bao Junyan. She felt that everything in the world falls short of just a glance of Bao Junyan!

She’s crazy! She’s indeed crazy in her desire to get him!

“Junyan…” Mu Kexin edged closer to Bao Junyan while delibrately flexing her body low, calling out his name in a voice as delicate as a drop of water.

Bao Junyan frowned and shot a glance at Mu Huan as if asking, is your sister sick?

Mu Huan almost burst into laughter.

She really wanted to give Bao Junyan two thumbs up, to praise him of his skill in seeing through Mu Kexin’s nature at first glance!

It’s just that this doesn’t comform to her current good wife temperament, so she forced her smile back, bowed her head low and pretended not to understand what Bao Junyan’s eyes were telling her.

Bao Junyan, “…”

“Junyan, have a taste of this. This is delicious.” Undettered from his lack of response, Mu Kexin clipped a shrimp dumpling onto Bao Junyan’s plate, fondly imagining that they wound be indirectly kissing the moment he eats it.

She’d never foreseen him transferring the dumpling she has just placed on his plate into Mu Huan’s plate.

Mu Kexin immediately glared furiously at Mu Huan, this damned bitch!

Mu Huan, “…”

This is entirely grabbing and robbing while lying down! Sure enough, there’s no cure for this bonehead!

“Junyan…” Mu Kexin was unwilling to give up and gave him another dish.

Bao Junyan’s face turned gloomy: “I am your sister’s husband. You should call my brother-in-law.”

His darkened face changed the air around him.

Mu Kexin trembled in fright and the dish she clipped fell onto the ground.

“Mu Huan, after eating, come to my study.” After giving her an order, Bao Junyan stood up and left.

As soon as Bao Junyan left, Mu Kexin exploded: “Mu Huan, you are a curse, have you been spreading dirt on me in front of Junyan?”

She believes that Junyan would never brush her off, so it must be Mu Huan doing the tricks.

“What malicious words have I said?” Mu Huan sneered. As far as her performance goes, did she have to take a shot?

She truly thinks that her grandmother’s IQ has deteriorated for thinking that they can hook Bao Junyan by Mu Kexin.

“Mu Hhuan, I tell you! If I don’t get Bao Junyan, I’ll make you suffer worse than the dead!” Mu Kexin snapped viciously.

“If you have time to talk about these nonsense here, it’d be better if you spend it learning more on how to sucessfully seduce men.” Mu Huan always felt that talking to Mu Kexin was a waste of time. So in order to save her precious time, she’d never mind giving her some advice useless pointers.

Although Mu Kexin was fuming in anger, she can’t help reflecting that Mu Huan’s words made sense.

For fear of angering Bao Junyan for waiting a long time, Mu Huan didn’t dare dally eating. After nearly eating her fill, she rushed to the study room.

When she stepped into the study room, Bao Junyan was on the phone. She dreaded making a sound so she stood woodenly by the side.

It was not until Bao Junyan ended his call and asked her forward that she moved.

“What’s wrong with your sister?” Because Mu Kexin was Mu Huan’s sister, Bao Junyan resisted the urge to throw her out on the spot.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Huan bowed her head low and played dumb.

“Are you so stupid?”Bao Junyan lifted her chin up. He really didn’t like it when she keeps her head down when talking to him.

Mu Huan was very unhappy. Now that he has raised her chin up to face him with her scarlet face, so long as she tells a lie, he’d easily see through it.

Since she can’t lie, she can only be honest: “I’m not stupid. There’s no other way.”

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