TOCH – Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Don’t want to leave you alone

“You’re just pretending?” Fang Chixia widened her eyes in astonishment. She approached him and cuffed him on the head. “You even go far as feigning illness!”

Xiao Zuo smiled sheepishly and averted his gaze elsewhere as if he did nothing wrong.

“The reason!” Fang Chixia demanded.

“I want you to stay here!” Xiao Zuo looked up at her and answered honestly.

Fang Chixia was nonplussed as she has never expected such an answer.

Luo Yibei, who was sitting by unperturbed made no sound from beginning to end, and even seemed to condone Xiao Zuo’s behavior.

He has the semblance of knowing everything.

Fang Chixia felt that the Xiao Zuo was being absurd. What she couldn’t understand was why Luo Yibei was cooperating with such childishness.

How could Xiao Zuo little tricks escape his discerning eyes?

Fang Chixia couldn’t figure him out. She patted Xiao Zuo on the head, “I have my own home so I can’t live here. Next time, don’t ever do this.”

“It’s alright, where do you live? I’ll go with you.” Xiao Zuo tried to negotiate.

Fang Chixia was caught short.

Where else does she live except with Luo Yibei?

Xiao Zuo silently considered her reaction then decided to rub his stomach. Then he followed with a puckered face. “Actually, it’s not entirely a sham. We’ve just returned home, so I really feel bad. I really feel uncomfortable, I want to vomit. Ohhh, it hurt!”

What he was saying was actually true, and the look on his face shows it.

“Stop playing tricks to fool me!” Fang Chixia was unmoved. She smacked him on the head once more and swung around ready to leave. When she passed Luo Yibei, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her back.

Fang Chixia froze all over.

First, she glanced at the hand he captured and then looked furtively at Xiao Zuo. Her conditional reflex was to retrieve her hand but Luo Yibei just wouldn’t let go.

“Stay here!” He looked her in the eye, the sparkles in his were eyes quite clear, like the night sky where the clouds and mist were swept away layer after layer, and the moon could be seen at a glance.

Fang Chixia evidently found his words surprising, she turned rigidly to face him.

“This kid is handed over to you.” Luo Yibei worded briefly, loosened her hand and left the room.

Fang Chixia followed his back still couldn’t wrap her mind around what he meant for her to do.

He definitely believed that she was harboring other intentions when she married him. So why did he have to drag her to their house again and again?

Xiao Zuo watched her on the side and couldn’t help drop a word, “My brother is afraid you’d be lonely living alone in such a huge place. Being alone in such a huge villa, you’re really pitiful!”

He said so flippantly but it was purely his own opinion. At the end of his reasoning, there was still quite a bit of the taste whenever Luo Yibei calls her “pitiful.”

Fang Chixia was stumped for words. She stared at him sideways then extended a hand for another cuffing. “This kid, what do you know? Children should read more books and watch cartoons.”

“That’s too naive. I’m already past those.” Xiao Zuo replied haughtily as if the mere thought of her advise was beneath his dignity.

“Hurry up and eat. Be careful or you’ll end up not having even the strength to pretend being sick!” Fang Chixia was speechless. She stuffed a bowl of porridge in his hand which was left by a maid.

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