TOCH – Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Brother Yibei likes sexy.

Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei have been in Nice for a long time, and after business has stabilized, they scheduled a trip home. Xiao Zuo and Luo Enqi who had traveled to Germany just so happened to be on their flight back so the four of them left together.

Xiao Zuo and Fang Chixia have always had a close relationship, so on the plane, Xiao Zuo squeezed Luo Yibei out and sat next to her, “Sister, I’ll accompany you.”

He was only seven years old with a tiny stature, but despite his young age, he pushed quite forcefully that Luo Yibei who was caught unprepared was almost unseated.

Luo Yibei glared gloomily at him.

Xiao Zuo ignored him and instead focused his attention on Fang Chixia’s attire. He commented: “Let me tell you, you can’t always do this. Look at what you’ve been wearing all day. So dull, so conservative. Don’t you know that men are attracted by the mature and sexy look?”

He has always been frank towards Fang Chixia and he would blurt out whatever comes to mind, heedless of her opinions.

Fang Chixia was dressed in a casual dress, which she randomly picked from her wardrobe, but was prepared by Luo Yibei for her.

It was in line with Luo Yibei’s thoughts were sexy and attractive outfits should only be worn for himself. Why should she dress up to attract other’s attention?

In Fang Chixia’s perspective, as long as it’s comfortable, nothing else matters.

Now that Xiao Zuo has mentioned it, she could only take another look at her own dress in speechlessness. “What’s wrong with it? Who do you want me to wear clothes for?”

“Show…” Xiao Zuo’s eyes drifted towards Luo Yibei. He wanted to continue, but Luo Enqi’s cold voice interrupted him, “What are you talking about?”

“Grandpa, uh…heheh…” Xiao Zuo blinked up to him and stuttered. “Nothing, I was just talking about the company with Sister Xia Xia.”

“The company? You?” Luo Enqi looked at him with obvious disdain.

“Didn’t I ask Sister Xia Xia how is it at the company?” Xiao Zuo’s head was left spinning as he braided an excuse, rounding up the lie without blinking an eyelid.

Luo Enqi made no comment and instead found a comfortable position to sit and rest.

Xiao Zuo wasn’t at all quiet. He chattered all the way with Fang Chixia.

Luo Yibei who was crowded by him and was left hanging on the side stood up and directly hoisted him up, then threw him behind their seat like a garbage.

His every move was roug, a straightforward toss.

Xiao Zuo who landed on the floor cried out from the pain in his ass, but dared not protest.

Luo Yibei was quite satisfied with his tactful restraint. Having evicted the huge thorn on his eat, he sat down in his original seat.

Xiao Zuo who sat cross-legged on the floor, stared silently on the two who seemed glued shoulder to shoulder and beamed with an ambiguous smile.

He had only suspected that Luo Yibei’s relationship with Fang Chixia was a bit unusual, and now he could almost confirm 70-80%.

The flight continued on its course and landed in C city the next day.

As soon as they deplaned, Luo Enqi advised Luo Yibei to go back with them to the Luo’s residence.

Luo Yibei has been abroad for so many days and indeed has not returned home for a long time. He should go back once.

He glanced at Fang Chixia as if struggling to leave some words.

However, before he could say anything —-

4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 336”

  1. Little brother is quite the game player.He’s finding the clues to use to help him push Chixia towardsYibei in a more rapid pace.


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