EP – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: We’re not gonna tolerate it.

Mu Tianye furrowed his brows and thought deeply about it. If she were just like any other woman, any luxury item would suffice. But the girl seemed to have no liking for expensive gifts given her reaction to the jewelry his grandpa has sent her before.

“Forget it. Let me go in person!”

They went into the restaurant and after having dinner with the client, Mu Tianye declined the invitation to go out and play together. Instead, he headed to the Champs-Elysees with Zhou Tao.

At this very moment, world-famous fashion street is brightly lit.

Having traveled to France many times in the past, this was the first time Mu Tianye has been to such a place. Necessary gifts have always been arranged by Zhou Tao as he would never waste his precious time on completely meaningless shopping trips.

After visiting several shops, he found out that he didn’t know where to start.

Bags? Too cliche.

Clothes? He doesn’t know her sizes.


A man, who has always been decisive in his empire, was caught in a tangle of just choosing a little gift.

Zhou Tao saw him troubled and took the initiative to give advice to his own boss.

“Chief Mu, there are several first-rate jewelry shops over there. The quality and style are appreciated by most girls.”

Mu Tianye scowled. He made no harvest even after visiting a few shops. He walked into the last jewellery shop with irritability and swept the items on display. At the corner of his eyes, he noticed a piece on the shelf and the man’s eyes lit up at once.

Walking before it, he raised his chin up on the shelf.

“Wrap this up.”



May 1, afternoon.

In accordance with the plan arranged long ago, Xicheng held a new song press conference at the Kunlun Hotel.

In these past few days, Dishi Entertainment had to move quickly, edging a series of preparations in response to the new song leak.

Xicheng has pushed all work behind and devoted a week of his time recording another song on hand, then added it to his single EP.

Xicheng has always produced singles, for the first time produced two new songs on the same EP.

His name has always been popular in the industry so he never participated in any fan signing events. This time around, his streams were a hit in order to counter against this “guy who deliberately did the right thing for him.”

In addition to releasing two new songs at the same time, Xicheng’s photos were also included in the CD packaging, and 99 of his autographed photos were specially added to the first million albums.

As soon as the news got out, fans reacted wildly.

On the eve of the news release, several large audio-visual sales websites were paralyzed by traffic. In just three days, the pre-sales volume of major audio-visual websites and bookstores exceeded a million.

This result was much more than his previous pre-sales records, so the company had to let the production team work overtime to avoid the impact of the distribution on local record stores.

All media outlets are reporting – Xicheng has once again created a miracle.

When his new song was leaked, and the amount of broadcasts and downloads had exceeded 10 million, it was impossible to achieve such a first order.

It’s inconceivable that a new song could reach such a subscription even when it has been leaked, with more than 10 million broadcasts and downloads.

At the press conference that day, Xicheng sang his other new song, “The Ruins of Time.”

In the questions and answer portion that followed next, reporters immediately questioned the new song leak. Xu Yang, his assistant and agent, also responded to this question on behalf of Xicheng and Dishi.

“We’ve already reported this to the police and they are working hard to find out who did it. Once we find he culprit, we will not tolerate him.”

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