SWPF – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Were those empty words?

“Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day.” Lu Xingzhi replied endearingly silly from beginning to end.

Huo Jinchen suddenly reached out and pinched both of her cheeks.

After withdrawing his hands, he coughed unnaturally, “”It’s already too late, go and have a rest! Good night !”

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi nodded with her thoughts wandering. When she turned around, her feet slipped once more.

She shut her eyes tightly ready to greet the floor, but fell into a solid embrace instead.

Huo Jinchen hugged Lu Xingzhi close. As she has just taken a bath, he could smell the sweet scent of her grapefruit shampoo, which seems to carry her own natural fragrance.

Feeling the strange softness in his right palm, his heartbeat skipped a beat when he finally realized what it is. He raised a brow and tried to crack a joke: “Is this intentional?”

“It isn’t!” Lu Xingzhi cried out with her cheeks reddening as the rose-tinted sky at sunset and squeezed herself out of his embrace. Her hair somehow got stuck on the button of his black shirt.

This dog blood couldn’t be even more embarrassing.

狗血 – Gouxie – Dog blood – an exaggerated cliche as that of TV series…

“Hmm… What trick is this? So this is just the mouth saying no, but the heart says yes?” Even when Huo Jinchen was trying to dally so, he carried it out with pure elegance.

He unhurriedly disentangled Lu Xingzhi’s hair and wrapped it around his finger and played with it for a while before brushing it down.

His fingers were fair and slender, a perfect artwork.

Lu Xingzhi only felt that her cheeks were burning anew, she felt that she was the frivolous one for thinking of his finger.

This is a terrible feeling.

No wonder he thinks he did it on purpose.

His devilish face, perfect without a single blemish was already enough. With his wealth on top, she could imagine how many women would throw themselves in his arms!

Although she’s obsessed with looks, Huo Jinchen was like the height of Mt. Everest, and she naturally wouldn’t dare climb this mountain.

He’s like a poisonous flower. Beautiful beyond compare, but the moment you pick him up, you’d poison youself to death.

Huo Jinchen put her hair down and stared at her unabashed.

Her seaweed-like hair was draped at her waist, and her white face was stained with a blush. Her wide misty eyes with a mole the outer corner of her eye, gave off a dainty wholesome picture of her.

Adding her petite figure, she evoked his desire to stand tall and protect her for no reason at all, at the same time awakened this itch to bully her.

This young lady is indeed gorgeous, but too thin.

He has drawn into this conclusion after having held her twice.

Nevertheless, the feeling of her in his arms was quite good, her waist wasn’t bad either.

The other places were quite mysterious

After Lu Xingzhi returned to her room, it took a while for her to recover her senses.

She looked down on the handbag, a birthday present from Huo Jinchen.

Driven by curiousity, she slowly opened it up.

A pink crystal hairpin appeared before Lu Xingzhi’s eyes.

The hairpin is in the shape of a deer. Huo Jinchen thought of Lu Xingzhi’s name and chose this crystal hairpin.

After clipping the hairpin into her hair, Lu Xingzhi admired her own self in front of the mirror, revealing a sweet smile and deciding that she looked good with it.

The rain persisted throughout the night and finally stopped the next morning.

When Lu Xingzhi got up and opened the door, Huo Jinchen was already sitting in the living room.

Being greeted by such a stunning man upon opening her eyes was really a test of her self-control!

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