LLW – Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Too dark

It evoked an mirthless smile from Feng Chuge, “En, as teacher has said, the order in the College has to trouble the teacher more later on. I believe that under the management of teacheer, the atmosphere at the school will get better and better….”

The taunt in her reply was crystal clear.

Considering the unpleasant color of Feng Chuge’s face, Yun Qianche sighed.

“You’ve truly changed a lot, I almost couldn’t recognize you…”

Feng Chuge was stunned, “Do we know each other?”

“That really hurts.” A gloomy gleam streaked across Yun Qianche’s clear eyes, but then he shook his head, “That really makes me sad, don’t you remember? I am the son of the Yun Family of Tianqi.”

Feng Chuge wasn’t at all clear, but still she nodded.

She thought it was the previous owner of the body who was involved with Yun Qianche, but it seems this isn’t the case.

The former Feng Chuge was a once the famous waste of Tianqi. Who didn’t know of this name.

Yun Qianche wasn’t an exception.

Feng Chuge turned around ready to leave, “Well, it’s nice to make your acquaintance again, sir. Anyway, I’m now your student. So, now you are my teacher, right?”

With that, she moved a step to leave.

“Go, it’s already late….”

Her maids heard him say so and hurriedly followed after her.

Yun Qianche stood in the same place, his eyes gleaming with a bit of disappointment.

She really didn’t reconize him….

The confrontation between Feng Chuge and Qian Ba, the bully of Class 2, was spread all over and soon reached the ears of Di Jue Chen.

In the small courtyard at the corner of Yuntian College, as Di Jue Chen listened to Bei Xuan’s report, his young and incomparable face gradually revealed a sinister bearing, which was completely unbecoming of his age.

“The man Qian Ba from Class 2 came to blows with her?”

A twitch escaped from Bei Xuan’s lips.

That haze in his master’s face was telling him that Qian Ba is in deep shit.

“Yes.” Bei Xuan replied. “Qian Ba is the son of Elder Qian.”

“En.” Di Jue Chen rested his back against his chair and rhythmically drummed his index and middle fingers alternately on the table.

“Right, master, there is one more thing. I don’t know how to say it properly.” Bei Xuan recalled another matter and again opened his mouth.


“The new teacher of Class 7, the master second miss is looking for is Yun Qianche, the son of Master Yun.”

“Is that so?” Di Jue Chen said nothing more.

He wasn’t familiar with Yun Qianche.

“It’s just that…” Bei Xuan recalled vividly the disappointment palpable in Yun Qianche’s eyes when he was just passing by and continued, “Yun Qianche treats Feng Chuge differently…”

That look in his eyes… It isn’t the normal way a teacher looks at his student.

Di Jue Chen finally raised his head, his little face replaced with another look “Oh?”

“Eh… this is just this subordinate’s speculations…”

Di Jue Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits.

A strange look abruptly covered his face.

He gracefully took a cup of tea from the table and took a sip.

His every movement in between was carried out with utmost nobility.

When everything was done, he slowly commanded, “Go tell Jing Lian. Say that Yun Qianche is teaching Class 7 and remind her that if she wants to catch up with the man, she doesn’t need to break the boundary. What she needs most is perseverance. Uhmm… It’s best to go to him seven times or eight times a day. When time passes by, the man would develop feelings towards her.”

Bei Xuan, who was listening attentively in front of him, only felt a chill behind his back.

He has witnessed the skill that the second young miss of the Di family, Jing Lian, when it comes to making some noise.

If they were to let Jing Lian loose to bother Yun Qianche….

That Yun Qianche is certainly going to be driven mad.

On the flip side, Yun Qianche will no longer have time to pay attention to Feng Chuge.


His master’s scheme…

He’s really too dark!!

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