EP – Chapter 162

Chapter 162: The tallest place in A city.

By the time Ning Xioafei recovered from the man’s passion, she finally became aware of where at. She looked at the bright floor-to-ceiling windows, and her little heart jumped in shock.

The windows were wide open, the doors were unlocked and the lights were bright…

What a great shame if someone were to see them!

“This is the tallest place in City A. No one will see us.” The man read her thoughts at a glance. She carried her into the bathroom, stood under the shower head and while hugging her, reached out to turn on the tap. After controlling the water temperature, he lifted her injured right hand and stood with her under the water.

“Your hands!”

“I am not as fragile as you are.”

Mu Tianye raised his right hand casually and delivered it before her eyes.

Sure enough, just a few scratches, and the blood clot has long condensed, there was no major problem.

Mu Tianye has always paid attention to fitness and has even been trained in professional combat to prevent accidents. As a man whose physical fitness was as important as anything, of course he’s a first-class man who’d love himself.

Feeling the nicks on the man’s palm, Ning Xioafei opened her mouth in embarrassment.

“I… I’ll wash by myself!”

The man ignored her. He washed her clean, dried her whole body with a huge towel and finally fastened a bathrobe around her. He lifted her up and sat her on the bathroom countertop, grabbed the hair dryer and blow dry her hair.

The man hasn’t showered yet. His whole body was left with droplets of water and not knowing where she should look at, Ning Xiaofei decided to shut her eyes.

Until the man she could wait for him outside, she exited the bathroom in a daze as if granted reprieve. At the bustling nigh view through the windows, she walked out to the terrace.

At this hour in spring, the breath of summer was blowing subtly.

Standing on the city’s tallest building overlooking the city’s night view, all its splendor was at its best.

It was the first time she had stood in such a high place to enjoy the view of the city.

Sure enough, different angles offer different scenery. It was like stepping on a whole new world….

“Come in.”

Behind her came the man’s voice. Ning Xiaofei whirled around and saw a neatly dressed Mu Tianye standing behind her.

“Come and look, it’s beautiful!”

Mu Tianye stared at the place where she settled and immediately frowned.

“Come in now!”

When Ning Xiaofei turned her back, Mu Tianye gently lifted his chin.

“Get dressed. I’m calling Zhou Tao in.”


Ning Xiaofei immediately grabbed his arm


At this moment, Zhou Tao is the last person she wants to see.

“We… let’s just go back by taxi. It’s so late, don’t bother Assistant Zhou. Husband!”

She swayed Mu Tianye’s arm and pleaded. Only when he gave up and put his phone back into his pocket did she ran into the office bedroom.

Mu Tianye had no women’s clothing stored, and her clothes were ripped apart by him, so she could wear his clothes.

She resembled a child stealing clothes from grownups with the oversized shirt and blazer she chose. When Ning Xiaofei walked out from the bedroom holding onto the trousers that kept on sliding down, Mu Tianye gave a suppressed laugh.

Ignoring the man’s laughter. Keeping the trousers stuck with one hand, she tried to drag him by the arm to the terrace with the other excitedly.

“Look at it, it’s so beautiful!”

The man stayed put as a nail.

“What’s there to look at? We should go.”

Ning Xiaofei looked wishfully at the terrace and mumbled, “Of course, you’d be bored if you’re looking at it everyday!”

4 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 162”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    How will she face Zhou Tao in the future 😂
    Mr. Mu’s definitely enjoying teasing her 😏


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