LLW – Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Meet a bully on the road

Sensing the contemptuous gazes directed at her, Zilan swallowed her drool and shut up.

That’s when they came across a few figures.

As they passed the man who was leading the group stopped.

He turned his head and gave Feng Chuge the once over.

“When did the school have such a stunning girl?”

“Boss, didn’t four new students enter yesterday? It seems to be them.”

“Oh?” The man, who was known as the boss, suddenly had some sparkles in his eyes.

He went back a few steps and stopped before Feng Chuge.

“Girl, you look good…”

A sleazy smile spread instantly across his face.

The man’s sweaty face was covered with acne.

This man has got tiny eyes. His smile narrowed his eyes into a slit and were almost invisible.

Looking at him, Feng Chu’s brows wrinkled slightly and took a step back.

Qian Ba merely thought that Feng Chuge was afraid of him so he continued to advance.

“Don’t run, little sister. I’m in class two. As long as you follow me, I’ll cover you later.” He couldn’t help but sigh as he stared closely at Feng Chuge, “Tsk….this looks is indeed much more beautiful than that feigned noble and virtuous, Yan Qing! What lustrous skin…”

“Say that again!!” Zilan was angered as she can’t tolerate anything that desecrates their Miss.

Qian Ba squinted at Zilan, Luzhu and Biluo, and finally turned to look at the younger brothers behind him. “These three chicks are yours!”

“Thank you boss!!” The three men laughed gleefully one after the other at his words.

Qian Ba is a man true to his name.

With him being the master of Class Two, he goes all over the place breaking rules and committing crimes.

Very few people below Class Two are his opponents.

A few of the best in the class are too disdainful to care about him.

Coupled with his father being a financial elder of Yuntian College, Qian Ba is even more arrogant.

At Yuntian College, when Qian Ba proclaims himself hegemon of a certain area, people fear of meeting him.

At the moment, looking at the good looking women before him, his drool almost flowed out….

In addition to Yan Qing, there are actually such beautiful women in the college!

Qian Ba couldn’t take his eyes off Feng Chuge. He continued to size her up, his saliva on the verge of flowing out….

Feng Chuge stood where she is, but the raging chill in the bottom of her eyes couldn’t be hidden.

“Done looking? Otherwise, do you want me to pry your eyes out and pin them together?”

She spoke poker-faced but her tone was freezing cold.

Qian Ba had no idea that Feng Chuge was so cold. He was dumbfounded at first and then chortled. “Hehe, this temper, I like it!”

His figured suddenly moved in a flash, advancing to embrace Feng Chuge.

His strength seems to be at a spiritual great master level.

But it’s totally stacked up with drugs.

In order to let Qian Ba advance, Elder Qian let him take numerous miracle drugs everyday.

The consequence was just an empty inflated strength.

He really gives the impression of being powerful, but in real combat, he isn’t as good as the surface.

Today, his real strength isn’t even as good as Feng Yuanhang’s mid-level spiritual great master.

As Qian Ba made his move, Feng Chuge, a mid-level refiner has already discovered this.

Contempt filled her eyes.

The moment Qian Ba advanced towards her, she dodged.

And in the process, dropped a kick on his behind.

Qian Ba never conceived he’d rush into thin air. In his eyes, Feng Chuge is just a newcomer from Class seven so her strength isn’t that high.

For this reason, he relaxed his vigilance and was rewarded with a kick from behind.

He lost his balance, and his whole person flew straight forward —-

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