TOCH – Chapter 334

Chapter 334: The diverse roles of a wife

Her instinctive execution in the eyes of outsiders was the image of a wife helping her husband groom.

A very common one, but counting the numbers of women who have spared no effort to get to get close to Luo Yibei, no one have had the courage to do so spontaneously.

Even worse was the way she stared disgustingly at his shoulders. This prompted Anna to gnash her teeth.

Was this servant girl brushing her aside or even spurn Luo Shao?

Luo Yibei himself had no idea she’d do so. So for a moment, his eyes sparkled at her hands on his shoulders, without reprimanding her and instead enjoyed her attention.

The shooting resumed.

Anna was obviously confident with her charm. The whole time filming, her eyes were fixed at Luo Yibei’s direction at all times. Her meaningful glances were awfully suggestive coupled with her chest, which were deliberately displayed as her neckline was pulled quite low. Her expressions were supposed to display a smart and beautiful woman, but the outcome of her rendition turned seductive.

Luo Yibei’s brows wrinkled, but still he made no comment.

At the end of the shoot, he stood up unhurriedly, swept the photographer with sharp look, then shoot off his poisonous tongue “All the photos taken today, find any means to cut off all parts above the hands. As for her face that has been spread high at all times, it is no different from a street girl’s manners. Who knows how many times the chest has had surgery, and she can still represent Rongxi’s precious jewels?”

He roasted without mercy, his signature style. Nobody knows who, but someone in the scene couldn’t hold it and burst out into laughter.

Anna was so angry from his ridicule and didn’t know where to vent it.

Fang Chixia has long been exposed and knew that Luo Yibei could come up with something even more poisonous. Her reaction remained dull, but the corner of her mouth inadvertenly rose an inch.

She started packing up their things, getting ready to leave when Luo Yibei’s cold eyes swept towards her.

While Fang Chixia was sorting out the little things they brought with them, the umbrellas and the tiny fans, her fingers swayed strinkingly before Luo Yibei’s eyes.

Her hands were distinctly delicate, her bones were particularly slender, her fingernails needn’t have any extra polishing, very fresh and pinkish, while her ring finger held her wedding ring.

He thought that her finger was a perfect fit for a ring, where even an ordinary zircon appeared as classy as a diamond.

Luo Yibei inspected her hand for a while, walked a few steps, raised her wrist, and turned his eyes to the photographer. “There’s no need to alter them, reshoot. The one that showed off, replace her!”

Everyone was caught short, questioning eyes filled with disbelief at his seriousness.

Anna’s anger couldn’t be contained that her eyes welled up in tears.

Fang Chixia herself was taken unawares. How did he did he decide on her so suddenly?

“Are you saving money?” Fang Chixia couldn’t figure out his style of conduct. She gave him a quizzical look, a bit speechless at his decision.

“You got me?” Luo Yibei returned her gaze and followed his words, “I have a wife I can employ for free, so why not?”

A fresh swell of rage rose in her.

Does her role actually encompass these?

No matter how unhappy she was, she still went forward.

Just clap her hands, that’s all. Just showing her face, it’s nothing.

The shooting continued and without Anna’s previous calculations, the shooting was finished fast and smoothly.

This artistic ad was set in a pure white world, clean with bright lights shining through the windows, snow-white sheets, the female lead was sitting on the floor with her head resting on the edge of the bed.

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  1. AH!!!!!!! Yibei shut the shooting down, quickly and smoothly.Anna was a bit to aggressive with the wrong people.

    Thank you for the update.

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  2. Instead of focusing her job as a model , what she’s doing is busy seducing the CEO and acting like a whore …….
    Thanks for the chapter ๐Ÿ™‚

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