EP – Chapter 161

Chapter 161: I’ll never leave you alone again.

The man raised his eyebrows, “You’re stupid.”

How would he have known that in her drunkenness, she couldn’t even recall who he was.

“You!” Ning Xiaofei quiverred with anger. “You’re a chancer.”

Recalling the way she smiled at others at the bar that day, Mu Tianye got mad, “I’m certainly nothing like you. Hopping bars to hook up for a one night stand. I slept with my own wife.”

“You!”Her face flushed red, her anger now mixed with embarrassment, but she refused to give up. “Huh! You did book a room with your wife then after sleeping, left her on her own. I’m not a call girl!”

Mu Tianye chuckled and lost his majesty in an instant.

His eyes skimmed over Ning Xiaofei who was panting with rage by the entrance of the office and shifted the topic abruptly.

“Bring me the Band-Aids in the cabinet!”

The man suddenly shifted the topic and Ning Xiaofei obeyed instinctively. She rushed to open the cabinet and flipped the things inside for the band-aids.

“Show me your hands, let’s me see if there are any glass shards.”

The moment her hand touched his wrist, his other hand grabbed her and flung her into his arms. Mu Tianye raised his right hand and pinched her small chin.

Damned girl, playing tricks on him, she’s still tender!

“Granted this is merely the case, but there’s no next time!”

This time was by pure lucky coincidence. Otherwise, a young fool like her was sold by others, he’s afraid she’d even help them count the money.

Ning Xiaofei knew he was up to something and tried to counter it, but the man sealed her lips and occupied them with vengeance.

From the time he took her out of the restaurant, he’d been wanting to kiss her. This damned girl has caused him to waste a cabinet of good wine, of course, there should be compensation.

This kiss, one of which was fiery, was full of urgency and aggression.

The bandaid in Ning Xioafei’s hand was left unnoticed. It flew in the air, twirling as it landed on the floor where the twos’ shadows were reflected.

By this time, the shadows on the floor had already formed into one, and it was impossible to tell which was her or him!

At first, she had wanted to resist, but her little hands which pushed meaninglessly a few times were covered by the man’s bigger ones and raised over his shoulders.

The man’s voice reached her ears, domineeringly low.

“Hold me!”

His scorching palms reached below the hem of her dress and brushed agains her skin. Not giving her a chance to refute, the man’s lips once again claimed her lips.

With their mouths glued together, their skin brushed against each other tightly, and every stroke from his palms left her whole body blushing….

Everying swallowed her reasoning quickly. The man was too intense and would always easily master her at any time.

Ning Xiaofei couldn’t help but gasp and fall into her instincts, locking her arms around him.

Unable to wait getting her into the lounge, Mu Tianye pulled her dress off and lifted her into the air with little effort.

Pinning her against the wall, he moved an inch away from her lips to gasp for breath.

“In the future, I will never leave you alone!”

He wasn’t used to sweet talking and didn’t know how to explain his favor to this girl, and the word apology has never been in his dictionary….

Mu Tianye could only express his concern for her in his own way.

Even he didn’t notice that the girl had already refreshed his bottomline as the ‘Yan Wangye’ again and again.

From indulging her when she lied to him, and now even for yelling at him, he could easily forgive….

You must know that the overlord in the business world would never tolerate anyone from explaining half a word!

4 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 161”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Lol when these two actually get along they’re so adorable 👌
    Well things just got hot real fast 😏


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