SWPF – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Then devote yourself to me.

Hearing no response from Huo Jinchen, Huo Qiyuan launched his latest trick and began to mourn, “How could my life be so bitter! I got stomach cancer when I got old. I just wanted to see my grandson marry and come back with a suitable granddaughter before I die, but alas!”

“Grandpa!” Huo Jinchen was much afraid when the old man says this. His head began to ache as he tried to calm him down, “I’ll try again.”

“You must bring Xioa Zhi back. What’s wrong with her being young? You’ve been single for twenty-seven years anyway, two more years weren’t that bad.” Huo Qiyuan was totally commanding, not at all like a sick old man.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

So he should turn his back on him then blame him for not finding a girlfriend at his age?

The old man has already ended the call and Huo Jinchen was left standing outside for a while before he walked back in.

Looking at Lu Xingzhi watching TV on the sofa, he said frankly, “Lu Xingzhi, my grandfather just told me. If I can’t bring you back, I don’t have to go back.”

“Ah? Haven’t we already made it clear?” Lu Xingzhi did not expect Huo Yuchen to take a call and things have changed.

“If you unilaterally want to dissolve the marriage contract, then you’re obliged to compensate me for mental damages.” Huo Jinchen chose a comfortable position and sat unhurriedly.

“What mental damages?” Lu Xingzhi exclaimed.

“Have you heard of the Di Sheng Corporation?” Hou Jinchen asked.

“I’ve heard some.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“I founded it by myself.”

Lu Xingzhi was somewhat surprised. Huo Jinchen is only 27 years old. He is so young but has already established such a conglomerate.

If she marries Hou Jinchen, she’d take possession of such a huge bargain cheaply.

Not waiting for Lu Xingzhi’s refusal, Huo Jinchen added: “I knew I had a fiancée since I was a kid, so I’ve been single until now. I turned down so many good women just to wait for you. If I had married earlier, now, I’m sure I’ve already had children.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Why did it sound like it was all her fault?

“And now, you’re breaking your engagement with me? Do you think it’s appropriate? Of course, if you’ve made your mind on this, you just have to compensate me for the years I’ve lost, mentally and economically. By the way, the market value of Di Sheng Corporation has already passed tens of billions.”

Huo Jinchen put forward these lines without blinking and eyelid, with not a hint of a guilty conscience for deceiving Lu Xingzhi. He also specifically emphasized the latter sentence.

Lu Xingzhi swallowed her saliva while calculating how long it would take her to earn so much money.

Weakly she replied: “I have no money.”

“Then, you’d better devote your life to me!” Hou Jinchen simply said in answer.

“Is there no other choice?”

“Or, you can make it up to me.”

Lu Xingzhi was thinking, todays coming of age ceremony is really too sour to bear. Or she can just marry herself off and then live the wealthy life of Ms Perfect.”

Either that or shoulder a huge pile of debts and then suffer the life of a poor woman.

With such sharp contrast, Lu Xingzhi was naturally more inclined to the first choice!

Although, with inexprresible reluctance.

“Lu Xingzhi, rest assured, I have no designs for you. Marrying you was just grandpa’s wish. After marriage, we don’t have to interfere with each other. Of course, you’ll enjoy all the treatment as befits my wife.”

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