LLW – Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The difference between a goddess and a psycho

He stands tall, a man in the midst of the crowd.

His tall figure drew the eyes of the girls one after another.

The world’s second most beautiful man truly deserves his reputation!

Yun Qianche has long been accustomed to such fiery admiration.

His eyes swept through the four corners of the room, “Those who can enter Yuntian College are the best of various families and are talented in their own rights.” He glanced across the room. “The reason you are all staying in Class 7 over the years must have its root cause. As for this reason, everyone should be the clearest.”

“Miracle is another name for hard work. I hope you will always remember this. By all means, don’t underrate and abandon yourself just because of your current circumstances!”

Yun Qianche’s words of wisdom reverberated throughout the classroom.

With just a few words, everyone was rendered silent.

Inside, the silence ensued.

For so many years, Zhu Youwei has been their teacher.

If not beat them or scold them, Zhu Youwei would treat them as if they were wastes and never encouraged them so.

Seeing everyone in meditation, Yun Qianche knew that his words got through them.

“Then we’re going to start the class…”

This was the best class that Class seven has ever had over the years.

Even though Yun Qianche’s qualifications were comparable to Mr. Zhu’s.

His approach and his lecture were without doubt way much valuable than any of what Mr. Zhu has ever taught.


This is the second most beautiful man on the mainland.

The lectured ended particularly fast.

The two-hour class seemed to have flown in a heartbeat.

It was not until Yun Qianche announced the end of their period that everyone realized that the class is over.

Once the class was ended, Yun Qianche didn’t linger and left right away.

The moment he disappeared, the whole classroom was in a state of jubilation.

“He’s indeed the second most beautiful man. He is so handsome.

“And he actually taught us well. Earlier, his attempt to inspire us spiritually actually worked. He is nowhere near the fool, Mr. Zhu.”

“Yeah… It seems staying in Class 7 wasn’t at all bad! Those other classes who always rolled their eyes at us, when have they ever had the privilege of looking at such a beautiful man at close range?”

A few women discussed Yun Qianche with pink bubbles in their hearts.

The men watched them on the side helplessly.

“A bunch of crazy women…”

Someone turned back and looked at Feng Chuge behind them, then shook his head.

“Oh… the gap, the gap! T is the contrast between a goddess and a female psycho, right?”


The sun has already set and the students of Class 7 has long dispersed.

Carrying Meatball, Feng Chuge with her maids headed to their newly assigned yard.

Class 7 classrooms were at the southernmost end of the entire Yuntian College, while the yard assigned to them was in the northern part.

They almost had to go around the college

On the way, Zilan followed behind the lead while chattering endlessly.

“Actually, Yun Qianche is also extraordinary. With two excellent men, you have more choices…”

“But… Di Jue Chen seems a little too perfect. He’s absolutely idealistic, so I support Yun Qianche.”

With that said, she turned to Luzhu and Biluo, “What about you? Who do you support?’

Luzhu and Biluo exchanged glances and read each other’s frustrations.

Feng Chuge, who was walking in front of her, rubbed her temples. She really wants to knock Zilan’s head and see what its made of.

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