EP – Chapter 160

Chapter 160: You…… You bastard!

With Mu Tianye’s arms around her, Ning Xiaofei instinctively stretched her arms and wrapped it around the man’s arms, then dissolved in tear uncontrollably.

“Husband, I really didn’t mean … I… I regret it… I… I would rather… I’d rather be you that night, and I didn’t want… Not that pervert!”

Choking up, she could hardly finish a sentence.

Too much grievances have piled up in her heart, too much regret….

Clutching the man’s clothes, she finally lost control and completely let herself go.

Hearing her sobbing, Mu Tianye’s brows furrowed. He raised a big hand and tipped her little head up. Seeing the tears in her eyes, his furrowed brows deepend even more.

Raising his hands, he tried to dry her tears.

“Don’t cry.”

Against his expectation, the damned girl seemed to have opened the floodgates and more tears run down her cheeks. The more he rubbed, the more she cried her heart out. In his frustration, he roared.

“Stop crying!”

Ning Xiaofei muffled her cries and tried hard to hold back her tears, but the man was still upset.

“Stupid!” Mu Tianye grunted. He turned and pulled a towel and wiped her face clean. He raised his hands once more and fixed the messy hair scattered on her forehead and softly comforted, “Stop it, I forgive you.”


Ning Xiaofei, who had been waiting for the man’s thunder, was so surprised with what she heard that she forgot to breathe.

With wide eyes fixed at him, she scrutinized the man’s face unconvincedly.


The last time she lied to him, he almost strangled her to death. But now that she has put a green hat on him, she was forgiven so easily.

And what’s with that gloating twinkle in his eyes, why did he look happy?

“Husband? You…don’t you mind if I…I cheat on you?”


Mu Tianye gave her a death stare.

“You dare!”

All he was saying was that he forgives her for her drunkenness that night, but that didn’t mean she could really but not for having cheated on him.

If this damned girl dares to deviate from his orbit by an inch, he’d kill her!

Ning Xiaofei became more and more confused. A moment ago, he said he has forgiven her, then in a flash, he has lost his temper. When all is said and done, this ordinary being couldn’t really touch this Buddha’s mind. She yelled at him anxiously.

“Mu Tianye, you have to say things clearly… You.. What the hell do you want me to do?”

This damned girl, has bellowing in rage became her habit?

Mu Tianye held her chin up with his hand, and lowered his face to meet her eyes.

“That night, it was me who was with you in that room!”

“That…” Ning Xiaofei blinked and suddenly understood, “You mean… You were that pervert who made me so sore?”

No wonder he wasn’t angry at all, it was him!

She did say that if she really did wear a green hat on him, how could he not be angry.

She pushed him away indignantly.

“Mu Tianye, you…You bastard!”

These recent days, she’d been eaten by guilt and was scared that she’d contracted AIDS. She was beside herself of him knowing the truth. In order not to let him know, she even pretended to have had her aunt and was almost strangled to death by him….

The better he treated her, the more guilty she felt, and the result?

No wonder Zhou Tao laughed it off strangely. It turned out that the culprit wasn’t him. And later, she… How is she going to face Zhou Tao?!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt. She can’t lose anymore face…

She turned around with a grunt and walked away.

This damned girl, has her temper grown big?!


Ning Xiaofei continued to leave.

“Come back.”

Ning Xiaofei kept her head forward and continued on her way.

“Ning Xiaofei, don’t win an inch, then want a foot!”

Ning Xiaofei finally stopped and swung around to face him.

“It’s all your fault. You should apologize to me.”

5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 160”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Lol she can’t really blame him because if she had really paid attention to his assistant’s name she probably would have figured it out 😂
    Though Mr. Mu is naughty for not coming clean sooner 😏😂


  2. Haha.. now it’s reversed..poor NXF she felt guilty to her husband but now felt ashamed to Zhou Tao..
    Thanks for the update..🤗✌


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