SWPF – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Underage

Thus far, a full-flavored meal has been prepared.

Within this period of time, Wei Yang had followed her to the kitchen and offered to help, but she refused.

As she cooked, the savory aroma drifted into the living room and Huo Jinchen, who was originally not hungry, felt as if his stomach was empty.

“Let’s eat, sit down!”

Huo Jinchen looked at the dishes on this table without picking up his bowl at once. His lashes hung low and seemed to be thinking of who knows what.

“Mr. Huo, is the food not to your appetite?” Lu Xingzhi was upset at heart. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

She didn’t cook for them. She wanted to have a good meal of her own.

“No.” Huo Jinchen made use of his chopsticks and pinched a piece of perch in reply: “It tastes good.”

He wasn’t just being polite. It really did taste great.

What he was thinking actually was that Lu Xingzhi was just a teenager, but all her family members have passed away.

To date, she has to study while taking care of herself.

This young girl has had it hard.

After eating, the rain outside continued to pour.

Lu Xingzhi was somewhat annoyed. How come the rain hasn’t stopped yet!

The atmosphere was somewhat stiff.

“Are you still in high school?” Huo Jinchen asked.

He doesn’t know much about Lu Xingzhi and only came armed with her address.

He has tasked someone to investigate her, but her data has not been sent to him yet.

“I just graduated this year.”Lu Xingzhi held a glass of water and drank from it.

“Which university did you choose?”

“Peking University.”

“You’ve got good grades.”

“Not bad!

“Lu Xingzhi, you can come with to Beijing. Fortunately, I am there. Furthermore, you can stay in my house.”

Huo Jinchen can bring Lu Xingzhi to the capital first. As for other matters, they could be done slowly.

“No, I’m going to take a year off.”


“I’m going to use this year to make a little more money.”

“Lu Xingzhi…” Before Huo Jinchen could continue, his phone rang with an incoming call.

Taking it out, he saw his grandfather calling.

After taking a glance at the Lu Xingzhi, Huo Jinchen went outside to pick up the call.

Just that the moment the call went through, a loud voice could be heard from the other side: “”Jinchen, have you seen Xiao Zhi?”

“Xiao Zhi?” The corner of Huo Jinchen’s mouth curled up. He’s really taking it as if they were close. “I saw her, but she doesn’t want to marry me.” Although it was quite hard to accept, it was a fact.

Huo Yuchen did not expect that his first initiative to propose for marriage was rejected.

For the first time, he also had some doubts about himself.

“You must not have asked her properly. Have you looked down on Xiao Zhi just because she was living in the countryside? I’m telling you, I’m pretty sure I know this granddaughter. I don’t care what means you have to employ, you must return with this wife.”

“Grandpa, she’s not interested in your grandson.” Huo Jinchen massaged his temple, “Never mind! Besides, she is still young and still studying! Moreove, she’s still under age.”

“What about it, if it weren’t for your philandering younger brother, I wouldn’t have given you this chance. So this is how far the face of the chairman of a conglomerate goes. What a shame.” Huo Qiyuan berated scornfully.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

So should he say thank you?

“If you can’t bring back Xiao Zhi, don’t come back and see me.

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