LLW – Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The temporary Yun Qianche

“Right, our Little Shimei is right!”

After the spectacular show this morning, Feng Chuge has become an extraordinary existence in their hearts.

In the last few years, no one in Class 7 has dared to openly confront Mr. Zhu.

But the moment their powerful little shimei came, she drove away their most hated teacher, Mr. Zhu!

How couldn’t they be impresssed?

Therefore, hearing Feng Chuge’s words, dozens of students all returned to their own original seats and quietly waited for their new teacher.

Behind them, the three maids who witnessed this collective show of obedience couldn’t help but curl their lips.

Sure enough…

Wherever they go, their lady would always be this awesome…

Look at this deterrence, who could have such skill as their Miss?

Despite the long time they have been with Feng Chuge, the admiration in the eyes of these three maids still couldn’t be concealed.

Their new teacher finally arrived.

Inside the classroom, a sharp-eyed man saw the figure outside and muttered in a low voice. “Teacher is here…”

Following that sound, everyone raised their heads up and looked out.

The momen their eyes landed on the figure of the man, silence ensued in the classroom, then a squeal from one of the women broke out right after —

“Oh my God, it turned out to be Senior Yun!!”

” Is the second most beautiful man in the list coming to be our new teacher?”


In an instant, argumens from three or four women burst out one after the other.

To that end, three or four women in groups competed like flocks of ducks. Besides Feng Chuge and her maids, the whole class boiled with excitement.

Because of them, the entire classroom has completely blown up.

Feng Chuge followed the direction everyone was looking at and only saw a man in an ice-blue robe slowly heading their way.

With the sun on his back, his tall build seemed gilded.

As he walked in, his face was completely exposed to the class.

The three-dimensional projection of his facial features seemed sculpted by a cutlass, with soft thin lips, but his innate seriousness was thoroughly penetrating.

“Miss, he is truly a beautiful man.” After having a good look at him, Zilan whispered behind her.

Feng Chuge only smiled faintly with nothing to say. On the contrary, Biluo and Luzhu can’t help but despise Zilan resolutely.

This Zilan, it was obviously her own obsession with beautiful men, but each time, she would always claim that she was just trying to find a master for their miss ~~


Greatly despised!!

Yun Qianche entered the class to take the lead for Class seven who are now faced with a crisis.

Elder Yang orginally was going to arrange for his master to teach Class seven. But it just so happened that his master requested for seclusion in advance, so passed the task to him.

Which he didn’t refuse.

One was to train himself and another was because he heard that in the number of new recruits this year, one was Feng Chuge….

His cold gaze looked around him, and eventually he fell slightly over Feng Chuge with profoundd meaning.

Feng Chuge herself was just checking out this Yun Qianche as it was, and suddenly met his dark eyes.

Those pair of inky eyes carried a sharp radiance which Feng Chuge found surprising.

She couldn’t but knit her brows.

That look…made her uneasy!

Seeing the altering expression on Feng Chuge’s face, as she was in doubt, the radiance in Yun Qianche’s inky eyes dimmed a bit.

He drew his eyes back to the class.

“In the coming month, I’ll be your temporary teacher. I also hope that we all will get along well.”

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