LLW – Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Execute him

Return home!!!

These two words was akin to a lightning bolt the shook Zhu Youwei’s heart.

Zhu Youwei’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Dean…What did you say?”

The director, who was leaning against the back of the chair and was a bit amused, resumed a serious tone.

“Zhu Youwei, I know exactly how you’ve brought Class 7 in the last few years. Because you came out of Yuntian College, I’ve been putting up with you all these times, trying to see if you’re going to be right your wrongs, but…”

The dean waved a finger and narrowed his eyes.

“You’ve let me down too much.”

Zhu Youwei was frantic, “Dean, I was wrong….Please forgive me this time. I’ll take good care of class seven next time.”

“Late…” The dean sighed with narrowed eyes.

It was really too late.

He knew that today’s events would certainly reach Di Jue Chen’s ears.

Zhu Youwei’s character, he knew too well.

The reason why Zhu Youwei and Feng Chuge ended up in such a fight was certainly from Zhu Youwei’s own instigation.

At the moment, if Mr. Zhu weren’t to be executed, it would be him who’ll pay the price.

In a cold sweat, Zhu Youwei collapsed on the ground.

He would have retired in a few years and then head straight to Tiandifu.

Now that he has been stalled by this setback….

How could he resign himself to it!

Zhu Youwei still wanted to plead but the dean waved his hand.

Immediately, someone came up to bring him out, regardless of Zhu Youwei’s struggle and begging for mercy.

The dean directed a cold look at Zhu Youwei’s direction of departure and clapped his hands.

At once, an old man entered the room.

“Execute him…”

The dean’s command was devoid of any warmth at all.

The reason why he could sit as the dean of Yuntian College was certainly with his own capability.

The old man received his order, nodded and left.

The dean thought of another matter, “By the way, call Elder Yang…”

Class seven cannot be without lectures. He must let Elder Yang make good arrangements for their next classes….

The sunlight was warm and projecting above the sky of Yuntian College. Looking out from afar, the entire college seemed coated with a layer of gold.

After the morning passed, the whole of class seven was sitting on edge, terrified that something might come up again with after Mr. Zhu.

Mr. Zhu’s temper, they knew it all.

That man is narrow-minded and full of vengeance.

They really don’t know if he would tell the truth or tell tales in front of the dean.

On the verge of fear and trepidation, a piece of news came in —

The lecturer of class seven has been changed!!

So in their afternoon class, everyone still came on time.

Every single student attended the session.

In addition, a strange sight took shape in Class seven today.

Before, the students were seen either napping or talking in two or three groups.

But today, everyone was around Feng Chuge.

“Little shimei, you are really powerful. Your strength will certainly advance from your current level in two months time. By that time comes, the shame of our class will be completely swept away.”

“That’s right! Little shimei, are you okay? This morning, Mr. Zhu didn’t hurt you, right?” Another woman chimed in.

Another followed the inquiry and seeing all their concerns, Feng Chuge shook her head.

“I’m fine. Our class will start soon so let’s get back to our seats. I heard we’ve got a new class teacher today, so let’s all leave a good impression on him.”

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