SWDP – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Meet on a narrow path (1)

Mu Kexin was shut from screaming. She felt sticky and dirty from head to toe. Mu Huan was simply insane!

Bitch! Just wait and see. Once she marries Bao Junyan, she’ll make her death look ugly!

Three days later, behind a night bar.

“Are all bad girls playing so big now?” Li Meng counted more than 20 people coming with sticks in their hands in incredulity.

Mu Huan frowned, “I will advise Xiao Ying to leave. If she does not want to and a fight breaks out, when things don’t go right, just get out of here!”

“You should listen to your own words. Don’t be killed for money!” Li Meng looked at her.

After graduating from college, Mu Huan was planning on earning enough money and acquiring the ability to take her grandmother away from Yuncheng and immigrate to other cities, completing cutting ties with the Mu family.

So, for the sake of money, she’d fight hard, as long as it wasn’t illegal, she’d pick any job up.

A few days ago, she and Li Meng took up a job of protecting a rebellious teenage girl. In order to blend in, they also dressed up as bad girls in their rebellious period and mixed with Xiao Ying’s group while protecting her secretly. Then, they’ll slowly let her understand that mixing in this kind of group wasn’t at all cool, but dangerous and bad.

Today, Xiao Ying’s group has been asked to go out together. They thought it would only be a group of girls trying to teach each other up, that their fights would only be on a small scale. They didn’t expect to meet so many people armed with sticks!

When Mu Huan was about to go persuade Xiao Ying, they group as already started the fight, and Xiao Ying was the first to attack.

“This girl is plain simple!” Mu Huan blurted as she rushed in the middle of the clash.

Li Meng followed closely behind her.

Mu Huan rushed towards Xiao Ying and pushed the girl who was trying to beat her up away. She dragged Xiao Ying intending to escape. \

Xiao Ying however refused to cooperate. “I can’t run away. I can’t leave my sisters!”

The most important thing when coming out for a fight like this was loyalty!

The corners of Mu Huan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. In order to live, others have go out and act against their will at all costs. Her family is rich and her parents pampers her. But because life was too easy and comfortable, she fancied to live the life of a delinquent as in the movies. She came out as if her life depended on it with a group of punks, who were willing to be paid just because she has the money, and play sisters in the movie!

After a moment of deliberation, Mu Huan released Xiao Ying and let her rush back.

Li Meng, who managed to get to the their front, was surprised, “Why didn’t you escape with her?”

“Sometimes, blind protection is useless. Let her open her eyes to the cruelty of the world so she won’t be so naive.” Just like her, if she hasn’t experienced the cruelty of her grandmother, she would have never believed that one day, she’d be treated that way.

Although the course of events had been painful, that pain was much more preferable than being a fool.

Li Meng thought about it and felt that she made sense. So the two of tehm defly left the storm circle, but kept close to Xiao Ying, close enough to ensure her safety.

When Mu Huan noticed someone pulling out a knife, she hurriedly ran towards Xiao Ying.

At the same time, Xiao Ying was assisting her good sister to beat someone. Suddenly she was dragged by her sister. She was caught off guard at first, but the moment she realized that someone came out with a knife and her good sister used her as her shield to block the knife, her eyes widened in horror!

Stupefied and terror-stricken, she stood rock still and could only watch as that same person with the knife attacked anew.

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