EP – Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Super ultimate pervert

“You damned pervert, you still laugh! Taking advantage of others’ perilous state, swindling a good woman, what skills you have! If I hadn’t gotten drunk that day, believe me, i would have cut that…. castrated you…” Her whole face was bright red, unable to say the word in embarrassment, but still, she fumed with rage between gritted teeth at Zhou Tao. “Anyway… I won’t let you go!”

Feeling the cold eyes cast by his boss, Zhou Tao worked hard to hold on to his crazed cheeks.

“Get out!”

Mu Tianye squeezed the words out of his teeth.

Zhou Tao has already figured things out. With Mu Tianye’s intelligence, he of course picked up on it.

“I’ll get lost right away!” Ning Xiaofei moved a step, but was restrained by the man’s hand on her wrist. She swung around, angry and wronged, “You told me to get out of here, why are you still pulling me?”

“Chief Mu, I’ll go out first!”

Beside them, Zhou Tao smirked heartily and quickly retired fromhis office.

Seeing that the chief “culprit” escaped, Ning Xiaofei was only anxious.

“Hey, you damned pervert, stop right there! I’m telling you, I’m not going to let you go, this freak. I’m going to put a brand on you, S [sadist]. The next time you hook up for a one night stand, I curse you’ll suffer from AIDS so you’ll never perform in this lifetime, impotent….”

The more Mu Tianye listened, the more outrageous her next lines were. His face couldn’t help but turn unsightly.

“Okay, enough!”

“What enough, you don’t even know how he treated me that night, he made me…” She pursed her lips, “Anyway, he’s a super ultimate pervert!”

Having said that, she suddenly stopped and looked at Mu Tianye doubtfully.

How come this man’s face didn’t seem angry at all?

“You… are you not angry with me?”


Mu Tianye was both angry and amused.

“Didn’t I say that as long as you tell me the truth, I’ll forgive you.”


Ning Xiaofei frowned, this sort of betrayal… can he forgive?

Whatever, she needs to take care of his injuries first.

She lifted his palm and looked at his “injured” right hand. She noticed that the man’s right hand was clean with but a few minor scratches.

“No, your hand…” Ning Xiaofei inspected his hand carefully down to his wrist. In addition to those scratches, there wasn’t any serious wounds. Raising her right hand, she stared skeptically at the blood on the gauze wrapped around her right hand. “Uhm… Where did all this blood come from?”

Mu Tianye lifted her wrist and took a sniff.

The scent of wine was quite pungent.

“Right… red wine?!”

Only then did Ning Xiaofei realized. When he hit the wine cabinet and knocked over the bottles of red wines inside, his hand were stained with the wine. In her anxiety, she has mistaken it for blood.

The reason Mu Tianye went into the bathroom was to wash off the wine on his hand.

Having thought that he was badly hurt as his hand as the floor was covered with blood, Ning Xiaofei jerked away from him in anger.

“Bastard, you scared the hell out of me!”

She turned to leave, and Mu Tianye reached for her arm.

“Where are you going?”

Ning Xiaofei patted and raised her face, taking a deep breath, she forcibly smiled and resisted the urge to cry.

“I thought you told me to get out of here. The farther, the better.”

Marrying him was nothing more than a matter of expediency.

Ning Xiaofei had long made up her mind. As long as her mother’s grave was successfully relocated, she’d flee from this marriage and leave, run far and never come back.

This world is so big. There would always be a place for her.

But now that the time has come, this heartwrenching pain was really unexpected!

“Stupid!” Mu Tianye pulled her back and pensively embraced her in his arms. “Leaving without my permission, do you want me to break your leg, huh?”



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