EP – Chapter 158

Chapter 158: If you’re a man, get the hell out of there.

Ning Xiaofei grabbed a towel from the shelf and chased the man into the bathroom, who quickly slammed the door close.

“Hus…” Ning Xiaofei rushed after him and almost came face to face with the door panel. She reached out and twisted the doorknob without unscrewing it. Instead, her palm felt a sticky substance. She looked down and was alarmed.

The knob was covered with a piercing red liquid, even the gauze wrapped around her hand was soaked.

So much blood?!

Worried about Mu Tianye, Ning Xiaofei couldn’t care less, and was busy twisting the doorknob.

“Husband, calm down. It doesn’t matter if you get angry at me. You come out first, let’s go to the hospital.”

“I know I did wrong. You can hit me, you can yell at me, just open the door!”

“I beg you, can you open the door?”


She admitted her to her wrongs and pled without getting any response from the man. In frustration, she turned to Zhou Tao who was standing idly by.

“Have you thought of a way?”

Zhou Tao looked helpless. His boss was obviously angry. What could he do?

“You…I’ll settle with you later!” Ning Xiaofei snarled at him then turned around edgily to face the door once more.” After a short deliberation, she bit her lips, “Mu Tianye, listen to me clearly. You want to know the truth, right? Okay… Just open the door and I’ll tell you right now!”

“Mu Tianye, did you hear me? You’re a coward! What are you hiding in the toilet for? If you’re a man, get the hell out of there!”


Immersed in her coaxing, she opened her mouth to say more when the bathroom door was thrown wide by the man.

Ning Xiaofei raised her palm and almost hit him.

The man’s heavy face hit her eyes.

“Say it!

“Let’s go to the hospital first!”

Ning Xiaofei grabbed his arm, but was held back by his other arm.

“Say it!”

“Alright, I’ll say it!” Ning Xiaofei bit her teeth, “I….I…. I cheated on you!”

Big deal, at most, she’d be driven out, beaten and cursed by him. She’ll take all of them upon herself.

Instead of sneaking and hiding and bearing the stone in her heart that seemed to collapse at any moment, and feeling ashamed of herself in front of him whenever she thinks about it, days spent in such a manner…. she’d had enough, too.


Mu Tianye’s fingers tightened.

“With whom?”

Ning Xiaofei raised her hand and pointed at Zhou Tao.


How could this pervert, who disguised himself as a gentleman but dared to sleep with her boss’s woman, become an assistant to Mu Tianye. Someday, he would sell him out!

Before she was thrown out, she must expose this hypocrite and let Mu Tianye know what his assistant was really like.

Zhou Tao, who had been standing beside her, was stunned and was unsure what to do. When he saw Ning Xiaofei pointing to himself, he was frightened out of his wits.

“Madam….you…please don’t spit blood! venomous slander

“Don’t play dumb!” Ning Xiaofei sneered. “Don’t think that dressing up like a dog everyday, other’s won’t know that you are a perverted hypocrite. I’ll expose your real color today!”

“I…” Zhou Tao couldn’t look even more innocent. “How could I be a hypocrite, no… Madam, please don’t tell stories without any evidence….this … This kind of thing isn’t something you can joke about!”

If she were a man, believe it or not, he’d have chopped him to pieces.

“Evidence?”Ning Xiaofei grinned coldly, “XXXX, Zhou Tao, Room 609, Longting Hotel. You dare say that you’re not the one who spent the night in the room with me?”

Longting Hotel?

Spent the night!

Zhou Tao frowned and run the name through his mind. Looking at Mu Tianye then at Ning Xiaofei, he finally understood what was going on. His lips twitched and suddenly burst into laughter.

TLN: Poor Zhou Tao.. hahahahha

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