TOCH – Chapter 330

Chapter 330: I’ll wait for him at Hilton tonight

Sometimes, Fang Chixia was actually a little afraid when Luo Yibei is angry, not because of what he might do to her, but more of when he simply stares fiercely at her. His stare was simply too penetrating, as if he was putting her through death of a thousand cuts.

After just staring coldly at her for a long time, he cornered her to the wall, “Were you hoping for me to pick up those calls?”

“It’s your business, and it’s up to you to decide.” Fang Chixia responded matter of factly.

Her face remained unchanged as if there was nothing between them.

“If nothing else, I’m going out first.” Fang Chixia averted her eyes, pushed him aside and marched calmly out of the office.

“Hold it!” Luo Yibei moved along her figure and yelled sullenly.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got a lot of things out there that haven’t been resolved.” Fang Chixia left behind, opened the door and exited the office without looking back.

The fire in Luo Yibei’s chest couldn’t be vented and his face turned black as the bottom of the pot.

What infuriated him to the core was the next thing that Fang Chixia did.

In the afternoon, the two attended a brand spokesperson selection campaign. For the latest issue of jewelry, Luo Yibei had to attend, naturally, Fang Chixia accompanied him.

Rongxi’s jewels, which were launched under Luo Yibei’s management, were basically revolutionary.

Other brands are typically celebrity-driven, but Rongxi is the opposite. The jewelry themselves were advertisements enough, which is the charm of Rongxi.

Therefore, every time Rongxi selected spokespersons, the banquets were basically smashed by stars in the entertainment industry.

The same was true to the selection this time. Many people even international A-list stars crowded together with average models to compete for the chance to be the spokeperson.

Luo Yibei’s face could have sucked anyone’s attention anywhere he goes. The majority of celebrities present were females so naturally, he became the center of attention.

After the selection match, with Luo Yibei’s indifference, no one dared to approach him. Fang Chixia on the contrary wasn’t so lucky. She couldn’t get through as she was blocked time and time againd by a crowd of stars.

“You are Mr. Luo’s assistant, right? Do you know who I am? Have you seen the New Princess? I starred in it, do you know?”

“Ask if Mr. Luo is free tonight, if yes, see if he can come to Hilton Hotel. Or you can tell me his room number, I’ll go to him.”

“This is my phone number, please give it to Mr. Luo!”

Numerous actresses on the scene all at the same time had a lively discussion with everybody, parallel to a harem where concubines were waiting to be picked by the emperor. One by one, in order to get close to Luo Yibei, gave it their best without reserve.

“Okay, got it, excuse me!” Fang Chixia who was force to agree, accepted cards with phone numbers written on them, not the least bit expressing her own opinion by blocking them in Luo Yibei’s behalf.

It was as if she had forgotten that she was his real wife.

Before they got married, she once said that whatever he does outside, she wouldn’t care a bit.

In this regard, she seemed to be doing excellently well.

She never interferes with his affairs and always stays on a two-way street. Except in the privacy of their home, she seemed to avoid too much entanglements with him.

In this way, she got a colder look from Luo Yibei.

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