LLW – Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Time to go back home.

Meatball stood up and left Mr. Zhu’s face.

Before leaving, he wiped his body on the corners of Mr. Zhu’s clothes as if he had accidentally encountered something dirty.

That sense of cleanliness surprised the crowd yet again.

This kitty somehow looked different the more they looked at it.

Feng Chuge picked him up when he ran towards him. She stroked his smooth fur before smirking, “Then let him find the dean….”

Mr. Zhu woke up after two hours.

When he awoke, he found himself alone, no one in the whole room stayed and everybody seemed to have left.

He rubbed his arms, which felt like they were falling apart and suddenly recalled the image of Feng Chuge confronting him.

In a flash, his eyes shrank….

There was no mistake!!

The momentum Feng Chuge exuded was way beyond a senior Spiritual master.

The stronger force from Feng Chuge that pressed him and pushed him straight back when he was about to hit her was still vivid in his mind.

And since his whole person couldn’t withstand the impact, he immediately fainted.

The color on Mr. Zhu’s face constantly changed.

In the past five or six years at Yuntian College, he has never been so humiliated to this sorry state in his life as he has felt today.

Gritting his teeth, Mr. Zhu got up and headed to one direction….

He must go to the dean for judgement. He didn’t believe the dean wouldn’t punish this stinky girl who dared to beat her teacher!


At the office of Yuntian College, the dean sat quietly and listened to Mr. Zhu’s crying.

While listening to Mr. Zhu, his eyes couldn’t help but widen in amazement.

Yesterday, he didn’t go to the arena and has no idea how Feng Chuge looked like.

Mr. Zhu continued to lament —

“Dean, you must put this new student to right. She must have come here just to ruin the atmosphere of our college. If this continues, what’s to be done in the future? I’ve been beaten to this state today. Who knows if this won’t happen again! Dean, I suggest you kick her out before while she still hasn’t established a foothold in the college! Beating her teaching this time around is already a huge taboo.”

Listening to his suggestions, the dean’s eyes flashed.

Kick her out of here?

What a joke!

That heavenly lord from Tiandifu has specifically accounted for her care, of course, she can’t be kicked out!!

However, he really was curious about this Feng Chuge.

What kind of woman was capable enough to not only recruit the Lord of Tiandifu to keep an eye on her, but also play the daredevil in this manner….

The dean was middle-aged who has the looks of a 40 or 50 years old man.

He was dressed in a black robe and his slightly serious face was enveloped with a few shades of meanings.

He nodded along with Mr. Zhu while stroking his beard, but later said, “Mr. Zhu…you’ve been defeated by your student. You should be happy. This shows that the color blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo (student has surpassed the master)….. How come you’re crying so badly?”

Mr. Zhu never imagined that the dean would respond in such a way. He anxiously countered, “Dean, this isn’t an issue about surpassing the master. This is a huge taboo she has committed. Look at my face….”

“Okay, okay ~~” The dean waved his hand. “Since you are hurt, go back home first and have a rest.”

The dean’s tone sounded like he has acquiesced so Mr. Zhu sighed in relief. However, before he could exhale completely, he was choked by the dean’s next words.

“You’re getting old. It’s time to return home.”

TLN: I like this punishment…..

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  1. Haha!😁 Forced retirement? That’s better than what that useless bully of a teacher deserves.😏

    Thanks for the chapter.💖


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