SWPF – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: You fit all my standards

“Grandpa told me to take you back and let me make it up to you.” Since Grandpa wanted it, he would fulfill the old man’s wishes.

“Since that is the case, just pay me off with a sum of money according to the usual plot.” Lu Xingzhi proposed seriously.

“I’m an honest businessman. Since I’ve promised to marry you, as my signature goes, I’ll honor this commitment.” Huo Jinchen held a glass of water, leaned slightly back and answered unhurriedly.

Lu Xingzhi unconsciously looked at his hand. They were undoubtedly well-defined. The length of his fingers almost completely enclosed the cup.

When he heard him talking, she looked up, “But, aren’t you all into commercial marriages or something? Isn’t that better?”

“Our family doesn’t need to be tied up by a commercial marriage. Therefore, what you are saying doesn’t exist. Moreover, ” Huo Jinchen paused and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“If I were to go look for another wife, I’d be spending more money. It’s not cost-effecctive..” Huo Jinchen analyzed the pros and cons for her.

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

That seemed a bit reasonable.

“You really don’t have to grieve yourself to marry me.”

“No grievances.”

“Uncle Huo, I’m a vulgar woman, greedy for money and loves vanity. You should not have such a wife for a man who is so reserved and elegant.” The rich and powerful are always quarreling. Lu Xingzhi may be known for her love of money, but she hates being embroiled in troubles even more.

“Greedy for money and vain.” Huo Jinchen smirked, “I think you suit my standards perfectly well.”

Lu Xingzhi was a bit dazzled by his smile. This man’s looks are really impeccable, but his smile is absolutely bewitching!

By all means, don’t laugh at her. Just in case she was unable to resist, she might really rely on him.

He is exactly the embodiment of the perfect man in the minds of women, with the looks and the money

But, she must still be self-aware.

“I don’t like you, you don’t like me, why bother? And, I haven’t reached the legal age of marriage. I don’t want to marry you either.” Lu Xingzhi bluntly put forward her unwillingness.

After catching a glimpse of the time, it was already past five o’clock in the afternoon. Another rainstorm is raging outside. Is this man still not ready to leave?

She hasn’t made dinner yet!

Huo Jinchen looked at her, and from the clarity of her gaze, her honest response made it clear that she really did not have any thoughts on him.

In the meanwhile, he wasn’t in fact into forcing others.

“Lu Xingzhi, since this is your wish, I’ll respect it.” Huo Jinchen stood up and saw the good-looking eyes of Lu Xingzhi suddenly brighten up. He almost burst into laughter.

For the first time, there was a woman who was so eager to send him out the door.

“All right, all right. It’s raining outside. Drive carefully. I’ll take my umbrella and send you to the car.” Lu Xingzhi said so and rushed forward for her umbrella. When she opened it, she hit Huo Jinchen’s head.

Huo Jinchen was originally wanted to refuse.

But, for some unknown reason, he seized the initiative to hold the umbrella. “Let me hold it! With your height, you won’t be able to reach the top of my head.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Her 167 cm height wasn’t at all short, alright!

Seeing her muttering with some resentment, Huo Jinchen again forced back a smile.

As a matter of fact, he has met Lu Xingzhi before.



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