EP – Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Shirk responsibility after playing

Tianye ge?

Ning Xiaofei suddenly got goosebumps, “If you say so, then you going to call me sister-in-law. Isn’t that a mess? Let’s just keep it the way it is. Otherwise, it would be awkward! Don’t you think so, husband?”

Mu Tianye swayed the glass with his left hand.

“Right, well said.”

Ning Xiaofei immediately smiled back at him, if not for so many people, she’d really want to kiss him.

Her husband is really awesome!

“This kind of scallop is rich in cholesterol. My husband should drink something light. Here, husband, eat this!”

She actively clipped a piece of food and sent it to his mouth.


She’s just going infuriate these cheap people!

On the other side, Ji Jing, who was so angry, but could only grit her teeth, had to work hard to suppress the anger that’s on the verge of blowing up from her lungs.

On several occasions, Ning Xiaofei got in the way of their bootlicking. The family of three had been thinking of taking this opportunity to ask Mu Tianye for help. But since they couldn’t steal a way to start, they could only eat.

Of course, Mu Tianye had no interest in this kind of meal. Ning Xiaofei had to play cute from time to time and feeling the soft buns that brushed against his arm, his mind swerved like a cantering horse.

“Zhou Tao, checkout, get the car ready, I am a little tired.”


Zhou Tao responded and walked out at once.

Zhou…Zhou Tao?

When Ning Xiaofei heard his name, her eyebrows jumped. She only knew that Mu Tianye’s assistant was surnamed Zhou and has never asked for his full name.

Moments later, Zhou Tao went and returned, informing Mu Tianye that they can leave.

The Ji family busily got up to send them off, but Mu Tianye waved his hand in refusal. Ning Xiaofei’s heart was now in a mess so she forgot to bid farewell.

When they were taking the elevator downstairs, she quietly looked at Zhou Tao’s face.

“Assistant Zhou, I have never asked before, what year were you born?”

Zhou Tao replied and Ning Xiaofei immediately shuddered. The year of birth on the ID card that she had copied before was exactly the same year!

Sitting downstairs in the car, Ning Xiaofei’s heart was in a tremendous muddle as she quietly sneaked a peek at Zhou Tao several times.

Was it him that day?!

But… hasn’t this guy always been acting normal with her?

Was it because he knew that she is Mu Tianye’s woman so he dare not reveal anything?

At the same moment, Zhou Tao received a phone call. He turned around and faced Mu Tianye.

“Chief mu, a fax from the American side has been sent.”

Mu Tianye frowned.

“Head to the company.”

The car changed course towards Mu Building. The three headed towards Mu Tianye’s office and Zhou Tao brought the fax to him. While Mu Tianye was carefully looking through the documents, he turned to look at Ning Xiaofei.

“Young lady, what do you want to drink?

“That… Do you have coffee?”

“Please wait!”

Zhou Tao smiled and walked to the pantry beside the president’s office.

Seeing that Mu Tianye was focused on the documents, Ning Xiaofei rose cursorily and followed Zhou Tao to the pantry.

After looking at him up and down at him, she came forward. “Is assistant Zhou born in September?”

Zhou Tao turned around in surprise. “Yeah, how did you know?”

Ning Xiaofei was so angry, but she could only grind her teeth, “You… you tell me honestly, do you have AIDS?’

Zhou Tao was completely baffled, “Madam, you… what do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Ning Xiaofei grabbed his collar and pressed Zhou Tao against the wall. “You’re asking what I mean. Are you telling me you’re going to wash your hands of your wrongdoing after playing. You’d better tell me right away, or else I’ll tell Mu Tianye. See if you will be able to shoulder the consequences!”

Behind them, the door was pulled open, and Mu Tianye glanced at Ning Xiaofei, who pressed Zhou Tao on the wall.

“What are you doing?!”



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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Lol bruh I can’t even, Mr. Mu’s going to have a laugh at Zhou Tao’s expense 😂


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