LLW – Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Won’t let anyone bully

“Nasty little girl, let me show you what happens when you offend me!!” This time around, Mr. Zhu practically wielded eight layers of his strength.

In his eyes, Feng Chuge was just a senior spiritual master, who is far behind from his own great spiritual master.

With a strike of his palm, Feng Chuge will certainly suffer.

His blue robe fluttered behind him as he flew towards Feng Chuge.

His whole person enveloped by a glowing white mist.

“Bang!!” The loud crash reverberated throughout the room.

The moment crash exploded, thick white smoke rose in the place where Mr. Zhu collided with Feng Chuge…

In a moment, white smoke filled the entire room.

The surrounding air was particularly grave.

The students, who had suffered lossed and scoffed at by Mr. Zhu, were staring wide-eyed at the white smoke, silent and unable to speak…

“Little shimei!!”

Mr. Zhu’s strength was so powerful. Their little sister must have been gravely hit from the attack.

The faces of dozens of students paled one by one.

Biluo, Zilan and Luzhu were all standing nonchalantly behind, not at all worried.

At there feet, Meatball was lying lazily with a pair of blue eyes shining ….

“Little shimei…”A crowd of people rushed forward, calling Feng Chuge, in a tone of exasperation and heartache.

If they had tried more to stop him, no such thing would have happened!

Just then, a crisp sound came out —

“Am I not here?”

As her words fell, the white smoke gradually cleared away.

Finally, the students saw the figure within the haze….

At the moment, the white-clad woman was leaning against a wall on one corner, with her arms around her chest and broad playful smile on her face.

Her hair was slightly dishevelled, but that was all.

Looking at her safe and sound, everyone was first stunned, but then immediately burst into joy. Some rushed forward.

“Great, Little shimei, you are fine, fortunately!!”

Feng Chuge didn’t avoid the concern and praises of the students, but instead gently curled her lips up.

“Well, I’m alright. Our Class 7 won’t anyone bully us! From now on, there’ no more!”


The students seemed infected by her enthusiasm and agreed with determination…..

“Meow…” When the crisis was solved, Meatball who was left at the feet of Zilan, cried and once again jumped into Feng Chuge’s arms.

Suddenly, as if he has sensed something, he turned his head
and his eyes glowed like ice blue jewels.

The next moment, he cried again and from Feng Chuge’s arms leaped straight at Mr. Zhu.


Mr. Zhu, who only woke up from his vertigo, passed out the second time…

In this way, Meatballs fat ass sat directly on Mr. Zhu’s face…

At the same moment, everyone remembered their business.

“Little shimei, Mr. Zhu is a great spiritual master. How did you escape from his hands? And beat him?”


Feng Chuge smirked, “Luck…”


Everybody looks at each other.

Knowing that Feng Chuge didn’t want to say much, they asked no more…

Someone thought of another matter and said seriously, “Little shimei, Mr. Zhu is our teacher. Now that things developed into this… I’m afraid he’s going to find the dean and report it….”

3 thoughts on “LLW – Chapter 126”

  1. Nice move, Meatball!👍🏽👍🏽😂 Thanks for the chapter.💖

    I wonder how scared the dean will be when he finds out that Mr. Zhu attacked Feng Chuge—and lost.🤭😁


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