WBWY – Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9: A man like him, don’t tell me you won’t like him?

To Ji Nuan’s suprise, Mo Jingshen actually has this great potential of being outwardly cold, but deep and passionate inside. She couldn’t help but squint at him.

The inconspicuous, yet undisguised interaction between the two incited a sharp reaction from Ji Mengran: “Sister, what are you talking about? How could you make eyes with each other! I’m still standing here!”

“What else can we do? Moreover, there’s nothing flirty about what we’re doing. anyway, do we need your permission just to exchange glances?” Ji Nuan rested her cheek on Mo Jingshen’s shoulder and smiled sunnily at Ji Mengran: “Honey, it’s already past 8:00. If you still don’t go to the company, would it affect your morning executive meeting?”

Ji Mengran’s eyes almost popped out.


She just called him husband?

Ji Nuan has always hated anyone knowing that she was married. Not only did she forbid everyone from calling her Mrs. Mo, but also hated her name being tied to Mo Jingshen. She has never recognized this marriage.

But here she is calling him honey?

This… What the hell is this?

Ji Mengran was utterly disconcerted and stunned. All alert signals were blaring in every crook in her heart.

If this continues, how was she to have the chance to steal him?

Mo Jingshen took a peek at his watch and indeed have an important executive meeting that he needed to attend, but his young wife calling him husband was really a rare moment which kindled the feeling like henceforth “the Emperor missed each and every morning court.”

He chuckled with warm eyes only reserved for Ji Nuan. He caressed her head: “You chat, I’ll head to the company.”

This head-touching was enough to blow Ji Mengran’s top, but she still held onto her smile and endured: “Jingshen gege, I just arrived and you’re rushing to leave?”

“Your brother-in-law has matters to attend to at the companu. Does he have to delay the meeting just to accompany you here?” Ji Nuan asked.

“I don’t mean that. I…” Ji Mengran for the first time was rendered speechless by Ji Nuan.

Ji Nuan used to go along with whatever she said and has never refuted her. How come she felt like being suppressed every which way today!

Mo Jingshen carefully fixed his cuffs and took his coat handed by another servant on the side without sparing a glance at Ji Mengran.

“You’re wearing too little so don’t stand by the door too long, hmm?” After dropping a warm reminder, Mo Jingshen stepped into the breeze out of the house under Ji Nuan’s warm gaze.

6 thoughts on “WBWY – Chapter 9.1”

  1. Ji Mengran us still in such a shock she hasn’t been able to react. I really want to applaud Mo Jingshen. What an exemplary husband. He must have suffered a lot in the previous life. Hi Nuan, fighting! Kick that snake out!

    Thank you so much for the chapter! 💕


  2. 🤔Are you still going to translate this? Webnovel has started releasing translations under the title “Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?” It’s the same story, though. It’s currently up to ch.17.

    Of course, maybe it’s just me wanting more LLW and SWDP.😁


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