TOCH – Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Su Ran calls

Fang Chixia racked her brains, but just couldn’t identify the caller.

“Hello, do you have an appointment?” Sitting down in her seat, she asked according to protocol.

When the woman heard her, she seemed to dumbfounded. She remained silent so Fang Chixia thought of hanging up, the voice came again. “No, please tell him its Su Ran.”

Fang Chixia’s hand holding the phone froze.

“Miss, is there any further questions?” When she didn’t reply, Su Ran frowned.

“Okay, I’ll inform him right away. Please wait a minute.” Fang Chixia pulled herself back together and case aside her thoughts, then called Luo Yibei on the intercom.

Luo Yibei was in the process of browsing a large number of issues related to the new jewelry release advertising programs. Getting her call right after just going out was a bit unexpected.

Who knew that Fang Chixia’s first words when he lifted the receiver was, “Mr. Luo, Miss Su Ran is on the line. Should I put her through right away?”

Her disregard echoed her “Mr. Luo” or “Bei Shaoye,” which she often used when they were in public since arriving in the company. It really sounded like they were unfamiliar with each other.

She didn’t even sound like she’s asking for his opinion.

From the sounds of it, she seemed about to hang up and connect Su Ran to him.

Her indifference provoked a burst of displeasure.

Fang Chixia really was planning on doing so. With that said, her finger reached for the button to cut off the line and didn’t wait for his response.

But before she could press it, Luo Yibei’s chilly scolding rang in her ears, “Miss Fang, have I said you can put her through?”

Fang Chixia’s fingers stiffened and was caught unprepared by his comeback.

Luo Yibei said nothing more and slammed the phone down.

He must have slammed it down too hard because the sound even escaped and reached Fang Chixia’s ears outside.

They were separated by at least a few meters with a door in the middle, but it still reached Fang Chixia’s ears.

The bang was pretty loud and clear.

Fang Chixia listened to the beeping broken line on her ear and couldn’t figure out what just happened.

But, ignore it.

She’s always been professional at work. Taking Luo Yibei’s response, she called Su Ran back, “I’m sorry Ms. Su, Bei Shaoye is busy at the moment and is unable to pick your call. I’m sorry.”

Then she hang up.

Su Ran was stunned and couldn’t process everything for a long while.

He was too busy to pick her call?

After the phone call, Fang Chixia opened the folders she has just carried out and readied herself to do her own job, but the landline on her desk rang once more.

This time, it was from a woman named Lei La, a French aristocrat, who met Luo Yibei before.

Fang Chixia didn’t ask much. After the woman expressed her purpose, she directly dialed Luo Yibei’s line, “Mr. Luo, a young lady named Lei La wants to talk to you. She said it’s about the funds of a French consortium. The party is waiting on the line, if there is no problem, I’ll transfer the call at once.”

Her tone was nothing but formal. No fluctuations could be heard from her voice nor a little bit of personal feelings.

Luo Yibei barely put down his irritation from her call just a moment ago and here comes another similar call. His brows began to crease.

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