EP – Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Dare make eyes at her man

After a few days of rest and recuperation, Ning Xiaofei’s hand injury has also recovered a lot. The lighter injury on her left hand was basically healed and needed no bandaging. Her right hand was injured deeper and heavier so the doctor helped her change the medicine and wrapped it back in a gauze.

Out of the hospital, the driver sent her straight to the Jiufu Building.

Zhou Tao was alredy waiting at the entrance. When he saw Ning Xiaofei, he immediately came over and led her upstairs.

“Who am I having dinner with?”

While standing in the elevator, Ning Xiaofei asked curiously.

“Mr. Mu and a few people from your family.”

Zhou Tao replied honestly.

When Ning Xiaofei heard it, she frowned.

In just a few moments, the two arrived.

Sure enough, in addition to Grandpa Mu and Mu Tianye, on the table also sat her grandfather, the family of three and her uncle, Ji Zichuan.

Grandpa Mu called gently, “Xiaofei, you’re here. Come sit!”

“Good. Thank you Grandpa.” Ning Xiaofei went to the vacant space beside Mu Tianye, greeted her grandfather, nodded to Ji Zichuan and greeted the others.

Aunt Baiqiu Ling immediately forced a smile, “Hey, it’s only been a few days that I haven’t seen Feifei and she’d grown even more beautiful.”

Jealousy was eating at Ji Jing’s heart, but she too, smiled, “Yeah, being doted by Chief Mu everyday, naturally the longer the more beautiful. I’m really envious of my sister!”

A pair of eyes fell on Mu Tianye’s face. Her mouth was talking but her eyes were blatantly offering more than goodwill.

Shameless, she dare flirt with her man before her eyes?!

Ning Xiaofei pouted and deliberately dragged her chair closer to Mu Tianye. She took a seat and immediately hugged one of his arms.

“Husband, was work busy today?”

“Not bad.” Mu Tianye reached for her left wrist and looked at the wound on the back of her hand. “What about your right hand?”

Ning Xiaofei muttered acting like a spoiled child. “It still hurts a little. The doctor said the gauze can be removed in a few days. I am so scared. Husband, if you have time, accompany me back, okay?’


Mu Tianye agreed readily.

Sending a provocative look at Ji Jing, Ning Xiaofei turned sideways and gave him another smile.

“Thank you, husband.”

“Cough!” Opposite them, Grandpa Ji gently coughed, “Xiaofei, pay attention to the occasion!”

Grandpa Mu on the other hand chuckled with indulgence, “It’s a good thing for young couples to get close to each other! Start serving!”

Zhou Tao responded with a gesture to the waiter. Soon, the food was served on the table, and Zhou Tao helped several people to pour the wine.

“Come on!” Grandpa Mu held up a wine glass and extended it to Grandpa Ji. “Seeing these two children being harmonious is also a matter of my heart. This glass is my respect to my relatives by marriage.”

“You’re too polite.”

“Right, it’s us who should give you respect!”


The Ji Family followed each other in their boot-licking, but Grandpa Ji regarded his son with displeasure. He really is disappointed with this son.

Later, Grandpa Ji also raised a glass and clinked glasses with Grandpa Mu.

“Xiaofei, this child has always been not sensible. If she has done anything wrong, please bear with them!’

“How come, I think Feifei is quite sensible.” Grandpa Mu smiled, “Here, cheers!”

Everyone drank wine, and even Ning Xiaofei also took a little sip.

She knew her alcohol tolerance wasn’t up to par so she only took a sip. Naturally, she wasn’t going to embarrass herself in front of the Ji Family.

“Here, Chief Mu, have a taste of this!” Ji Jing picked up a scallop on the plate in front of her, and sent it to Mu Tianye’s plate across Ning Xiaofei. After doing so, she castigated herself, “Look at me, we are all family and I’m still calling you Chief Mu. So, later on, can I call you Tianye ge?”

“Right, a family shouldn’t sound so estranged!”

“That’s right!”

The Ji family immediately seconded.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    I wonder just how thick skinned this family is.
    Let’s see how Mr. Mu will handle them 😏


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