WBWY – Chapter 8.2

Ms. Chen took out all the beddings in the room and went downstairs only to see a blushing Ji Nuan sitting weakly on the sofa, as if her soul has just been taken away.

Outside the Royal Garden, the doorbell rang. Mo Jingshen just swiped his phone to answer a call from the company and opened the door.

As soon as the door was pulled open, he saw Ji Mengran standing outside.

Ji Mengran was wearing a light-colored dress. She had applied a light make up appropriate for her age. When she saw that the door was actually opened by Mo Jingshen, her eyes instantly brightened.

“Jingshen gege! You usually have gone to the company at this time, but why haven’t you left yet today?” Ji Mengran was delighted.

Before, Ji Mengran has always wanted to find Mo Jingshen with the intent of comforting him. But at the company, Mo’s management has always been strict. She simply couldn’t set a foot in. She rushed back to the Royal Garden on the night before, but only caught a glimpse of him before he pulled Ji Nuan to the their room that night. Since then, she has never seen him so close for a long time!

It was really a great surprise to see him opening the door!

Mo Jingshen stood tall and straight in front of her with no intention of letting her in.

Ji Mengran took a peek behind him. Upon seeing no shadow of Ji Nuan around, she whispered: “Is my sister still asleep? Huh, she always locks herself inher room all day long and refuses to see people. It’s no wonder that her character is becoming more and more erratic. But I’ll find time to talk to her.”

Daring to say so was of course within her calculations.

Anyway, there’s already a gap between Mo Jingshen and Ji Nuan. Although she wasn’t informed why he actually went back to the Royal Garden last night, it presumably must have been another bumpy night. She’s certain that he had quarreled with Ji Nuan again.

“Why are you here so early?” Mo Jingshen asked indifferently, maintaining the same distant voice.

Ji Mengran has long been accustomed to his indifference. She assumed it must be that he was unhappy about last night’s matters.

She smiled with relief: “I’m afraid that my sister’s been having mood swings these past two days. She might have done something irrational so I wanted to come over early to talk to her.”

“What irrational things would I do?” Ji Nuan’s voice suddenly burst from the inside.

Ji Mengran’s dreamy eyes instantly fluttered.

Ji Nuan walked to Mo Jingshen’s side and naturally place her hand on his arm while chuckling.

“Apart from my short temper, have I done something irrational some time ago? Is it worth so much of your attention?”

Ji Mengran looked blankly at Ji Nuan and then their hands that were linked tightly together.

After the night before, Mo Jingshen was completely disappointed with Ji Nuan, how could they…

“You and Jingshen gege…” Ji Mengran asked with some uncertainty

Ji Nuan interrupted her directly: “Mengran, I have been married for so long. How have you not changed the way you call him yet? He is your brother-in-law. You can no longer call him Jingshen gege.”

Ji Mengran was gobsmacked. She took a deep breath and suddenly turned to Mo Jingshen: “Jingshen gege, did you do something to my sister? How could she suddenly be so close to you when used to avoid you in fear and even takes a bath eight times whenever you touched her. ….”

Ji Nuan leaned against Mo Jingshen and quipped: “Wouldn’t that rip my skin off? My sister is still young, and she’s always liked to talk big. The way she exaggerates is really ridiculous.”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her sideways: “No wonder it’s smooth and tender. It turned out to be from showering eight times a day.”

His hand clasped Ji Nuan’s waist and bowed his head to her ear, his rejoinder was said faintly that only she could hear.

2 thoughts on “WBWY – Chapter 8.2”

  1. It is always gratifying to see villains receive slaps … MJ is good taking opportunities ( *^艸^*)

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^


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