WBWY – Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8: Are you trying to raise a pig?

Everything about her was not a problem…

Warmth bloomed within Ji Nuan’s heart. She directly plunged into his arms.

Twice being embraced early this morning, Mo Jingshen still couldn’t quite adapt to her sudden sweetness. he looked down at her head nestled on his chest and could help mussing her hair again: “If you are full, go back to the room to rest. The temperature has started to go down this autumn, don’t catch cold.”

“Sleep after being fed, are you trying to raise a pig?” Ji Nuan’s face arched up from his chest.

Becoming aware of the passing servants around, a sudden burst of embarrassment flooded her face and so she immediately pulled out of his embrace, not missing dark stare and the elusive smile on Mo Jingshen’s face.

“Haven’t you always done this before?”

“I was…”

Before, Ji Nuan couldn’t stand facing him for breakfast. She often rushed her meals and afterwards came up with countless excuses to retire in her room to rest, as if a mere second in his presence was pure torture.

“Well, I didn’t sleep very well previously. So, after getting up this morning, I decided to go back to make up for it.” Ji Nuan reasoned out while poking her face: “Look, good sleep smoothens my skin!”

Mo Jingshen chuckled because of her lame excuse, but did not refute her obvious sophistry.

His obvious incredulity prompted Ji Nuan to grab his hand and caressed her own face: “If you don’t believe me, touch and feel for yourself. It’s smooth and tender!”

Ji Nuan indeed has pasted his palm and even let it caress her own face, but failed to control his finger movements, until he held her chin and moved it left and right. She felt her cheeks burning when the man suddenly bowed close to her face and huskily approved.

“It’s indeed smooth and tender.” His baritone that was pitched darkly low rang for her ears only.

The surrounding air instantly turned particularly heavy.

Why did these two words, which were originally used to describe her face, when uttered in his guttural voice, implied something else. Her cheeks turned crimson as her heartbeat raced….

“Mrs. Mo is so straightforward. Are you trying to keep me from going to the company?” He rested his lips just an inch away from hers, only a slight movement would lead to a kiss.

Ji Nuan’s heart missed a beat.

How could he be this hot…

How could Mo Jingshen be so wicked!

There really must have been water in her brain in her previous life to have kept him miles away! Whoever said that highly-minded, indifferent, and career-oriented men are bound to be dull and boring in the matters of marriage and affection?

He was clearly teasing her to death, okay?

Ji Nuan scrunched her eyes shut, but after waiting for a long while, the expected kiss never fell.

She blinked and saw that Mo Jingshen was just staring at her.

He has always been calm and self-sufficient, alienated from others, and has always been very accurate. He might not ask, but that doesn’t mean that the sudden initiative and change in Ji Nuan’s temperament doesn’t exist.

Ji Nuan snapped back to her senses. She wondered if she might have been too eager and instinctively took a step back.

She was just about to walk away from him when her waist was caught in a powerful arm and dragged back.

Then her lips were sealed by him.

The servant has already taken away the utensils so this time around, there was no witness. They could only hear each other’s breathing in the silent room. Ji Nuan raised her hand and wound them around his neck, her eyes brimming with an inexplicable emotion.

She slowly closed her eyes.

There was no other way to do it, the executive meeting scheduled today could only be postponed for tomorrow.

This little woman, her innate fragrance has enticed him completely. Even if it was just a kiss, he just wanted to crush her.

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