SWPF – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Uncle, you’re too old.

What a real beauty! She doesn’t even talk to anyone, but here she did, let a man into her home.

However, it was not polite to drive the man away now.

“Sit down. I’ll pour two glasses of water.” Lu Xingzhi was a little uneasy watching Huo Jinchen standing in this cramped room.

Be it Huo Jinchen or his driver, they were at odds with her shabby house.

“Miss Lu, there’s no need to trouble you. Boss has his own drinking water in the car.” As an assistant to Mr. Huo, Wei Yang was well aware of his boss’s habits.

“Oh! All right!” Lu Xingzhi knew she’s been dismissed.

But she didn’t care.

“Wei Yang, go out first.”Huo Jinchen ordered.

Only when Wei Yang left did he turn back to Lu Xingzhi with his whole jaded countenance and temperament turning warm: “Sorry to inconvenience you.”

After Wei Yang went out, he looked at Lu Xingzhi, his eyebrows were warm and his temperament was like jade. “That would be troublesome.”

“Hmm?” Lu Xingzhi was nonplussed.

Huo Jinchen sat down elegantly on an outmoded sofa, “I’m a little thirsty.”

As if hit by lightning, Lu Xingzhi finally responded, “I’ll fetch you a glass.”

When Lu Xingzhi was making tea for Mr. Huo, the rainstorm suddenly poured outside once more. She glanced out the window and wondered why it rains every year on her birthday.

She was still feeling happy when the sun came out at noon today. Who knew it would rain again.

It just so happened that she’s celebrating her 18th birthday today. This was her third birthday since the death of her family.

She has graduated from senior high school and not only has she won a scholarship and was admited to Imperial University as the top in the national entrance examination, she also received 100,000 yuan.

However, she was still prepared to take a year off.

She had to buy the piano back, the only relic left by her father

Her father had always told her that she was born a pianist.

At the age of twelve, she played a music with passion.


Huo Jinchen took out his own tokens, and only then did Lu Xingzhi completely believe him.

It was because she has the same piece of token, and, on the marriage contract, there was her grandfather’s signature.

Huo Jinchen sipped a mouthful of tea: “I’ll introduce myself briefly again. I’m 27 years old. I don’t have any past relationships, no vices and I have a company.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Why does this sound sort of a honeyed introduction on a blind date?

“My grandfather received the letter only three days ago. The address your grandfather sent it to was the old house, and at that time, he was being treated outside the country. If Grandpa hadn’t gone to the old house for rest this time, he wouldn’t have found it in the mailbox. I’m sorry I’m late.”

“You don’t have to say sorry. I just heard Grandpa mention it. Now that you’re here, our marriage contract can be dissolved!” A man like Huo Jinchen is destined to be a another world away from her.


Lu Xingzhi held a cup with both hands, and found a suitable excuse for her stand: “Uncle, you are nine years older than me! We are generations apart, our generation gap could form a river.”


Hearing this title, the corners of Huo Jinchen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Although he doesn’t feel that old, he was indeed a lot older than Lu Xingzhi.

Calling him ‘uncle’ was indeed appropriate.

She’s only eighteen years old.

A little bit.

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