LLW – Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Little Shimei is too formidable

“Silly little girl, you really think you’ve ascended to the heavens with a bit of a talent!” Mr. Zhu snarled angrily.

“Mr. Zhu must be joking… I am just a student at Yuntian College and certainly not qualified to be a teacher.” Feng Chuge sighed twice and shook her head gently, “No more nonsense, just say the word, apologize! Otherwise, the antidote is off the table!!”

“You…”Mr. Zhu didn’t expect this student to be so obstinate.

He could clearly feel that the itch on his face was worsening by the second, as if thousands of worms were crawling on his skin, and then slowly infiltrating into his meridians. It will hurt first then there’s pain.

At the same moment, the next words of Feng Chuge completely sent chills to his spine.

Feng Chuge crossed her arms across her face and added, “I advise you to apologize. My poison is different from common ones. In a while, the medicine will slowly penetrate your skin and merge into your veins, by then, it won’t be simply this effect….”

Feng Chuge’s crisp warning sounded like the devil on a mission in Mr. Zhu’s ears.

The discomfort grew, and Mr. Zhu eventually opted for a temporary compromise.

“All right…I apologize…I apologize…”

His entire face has blown red and he stretched his hands out to keep himself from scratching.

How could he maintain his arrogance before?

Turning around, he bowd to the students who were long struck dumb. “I’m wrong. I apologize to you…”

The students in front stifled their smiles at the sight of Mr. Zhu.

This was too incredible!!

Mr. Zhu, who has always been domineering, was forced to apologize to them!!

Then they looked at the girl standing casually behind them and their admiration for her grew.

Their little shimei is too formidable!

Not only did she confront Mr. Zhu face to face, but also forced him to apologize.

At this moment, Mr. Zhu resembled a drowned dog, his whole body was a mess.

After his apology, Mr. Zhu turned to Feng Chuge, “I already apologized, what about the antidote?”

Feng Chuge didn’t say anything and just took out a small jar out of her sleeves.

Mr. Zhu caught the bottle, removed the lid and immediately poured the content into his mouth.

“Cough cough… cough…” He choked off and couldn’t speak for a while.

“This is… what is this smell?”

Feng Chuge cocked a brow: “Antidote…. You don’t know, this antidote is precious. It is refined from the morning feces of horses, together with the internal organs of millipedes. How does it taste?”

Mr. Zhu’s face immediately turned green and almost threw up.

It was then he realized that the itch was slowly dissipating….

Mr. Zhu’s eyes were full of murder as he stood up.

This devious girl…

He gave Feng Chuge a death stare.

Then, without warning, he attacked Feng Chuge.

The crowd on the side were still laughing at Mr. Zhu when the felt the sudden change, everyone’s faces froze.

“Little shimei, be careful!” Su Ande, who was the first to realize Mr. Zhu’s intentions, exclaimed.

However, it was already too late.

Mr. Zhu, with the strength of a spiritual great master, in a blink of eye, flew like a gust of wind towards Feng Chuge…

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