WBWY – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Do you like staring at me that badly?

It was then that Ji Nuan calmed down and realized that she was standing in front of him disheveled right out of the bed. She didn’t even comb her hair and wash her face.

She tried to smoothen her hair and turned around, heading into the bathroom while hiding her face in embarrassment.

Mo Jingshen took her awkwardness and embarrassment into his eyes and couldn’t help but raise a brow lightheartedly, “This isn’t the first morning after our wedding night. I’ve already seen your morning look many times, what are you embarrassed about?”

The matter of how long they’ve been married wasn’t the point!

It’s just that Ji Nuan has never felt so self-conscious after their marriage!

She refused to say more and ran directly into the bathroom to check if her eyes were swollen. She bowed her head only to find that she didn’t have her toiletries there.

She wasn’t certain if after last night, Mo Jingshen will directly move his stuff back to the master bedroom.

She simply took advantage of Mo Jingshen’s absence in the room, trotted back to the master bedroom and opened the bathroom cabinet. Then she carried a variety of few spare toiletries back into his room.

She’ll just leave her traces anywhere he lives! See where he can still hide!

Ji Nuan changed out of her pajamas and went downstairs for breakfast.

On the table was a milky toast she has always liked to eat.

The moment she sat down, Mo Jingshen served her a cup of hot milk that Ms. Chen has prepared for her.

Ji Nuan took a seat, picked up her cup of milk and began to munch on her toast at the same time stared fixedly at Mo Jingshen

Throughout breakfast, her eyes barely left Mo Jingshen.

Ms. Chen, who was setting the cutlery back and forth broke into a smile and discreetly dragged the servant next to her back to the kitchen.

Ji Nuan took another mouthful of toast and remained oblivious to the cream butter smeared at the corner of her lips and continued to stare at the man who has already finished his breakfast and casually flipping through a business magazine.

Ached black eyebrows, high nose, an acquiline nose, a seemingly immaculate figure from the hands of god, perfect out and out without any room for criticism.

The naked stare of the little woman, which has been stuck on him as if he could disappear at any moment stopped Mo Jingshen from flipping another page and raised his head to look at her.

Ji Nuan snapped out of her thoughts and hurriedly raised a piece of toast to block his eyes, then picked up her cup for a mouthful of milk.

As a result of of swallowing too fast, she choked. She put down the toast and cup then coughed: “Cough….cough…”

Mo Jingshen passed a paper towel to her. Seeing her coughing hard, he simply took initiative to wipe the butter on her mouth: “You’ve been acting strange since yesterday. Do you like staring at me that badly?”

“Cough cough…”

Though it wasn’t serious, Ji Nuan deliberately coughed a few more tiimes upon hearing his question.

Ms. Chen came out of the kitchen quickly, “Madam, what happened? Why are you coughing so bad?”

“Cough, I’m fine. I just choked on the milk…”

“Oh, good. By the way, Miss Mengran said yesterday that she would come to the Royal Garden today. Do you want me to prepare an extra breakfast for her?”

The expression on Ji Nuan’s face remained steady. She coughed two more times before facing her, “Ms. Chen, clean up the room where my sister often stays and try not to let her in the Royal Garden in the future.”

“But Miss Mengran is coming over today….”

“I’ll tell her clearly that the Royal Garden is not the Ji’s family home in the first place. If she often comes in and out, it would be inconvenient.”

Ms. Chen was instantly relieved.

She used to think that the second miss of the Ji family not only always come to the Royal Garden to tay, but also often asks questions about Mr. Mo. She often question them of his whereabouts and didn’t consider herself as an outsider. She really couldn’t understand her.

Chen Hao immediately hastened to pack up the things in the room without delay.

Suddenly, Mo Jingshen’s phone on the table gently vibrated.

Ji Nuan thought it was just a text message from 10086. Noticing that Mo Jingshen was focused reading an English section on the business magazine and didn’t notice his phone, she sneaked a peek at the string of words on the screen and took his mobile phone directly.

136xxxxx: [Jingshen ge, don’t be mad at my sister. I never expected that she’d really use that means of drugging you the night before. She actually wanted to send you to another woman’s bed. I advised for a long time, but she just wouldn’t listen. You two have been tormenting each other like this. Would everything work out well in the end? I’m really distressed for my sister, but I don’t think she is worthy of you Jingshen ge!]

After reading this long message, Ji Nuan raised a brow.

“Do many people know your cell phone number?” Ji Nuan asked.

Mo Jingshen looked at her and put the magazine aside.

“Many people, who are you referring to?”

Ji Nuan still remembers that Mo Jingshen’s private phone number was only known to a few and was even less likely disclosed to others.

“I didn’t expect Mengran to be so concerned about our relationship. She often sends you messages for my sake.” Ji Nuan chuckled mirthlessly, deliberately adding a bit of vinegar from the looks in her eyes.

Mo Jingshen stared right back at her broodingly: “Didn’t you give her my number?”


This really might be the case…..

Ji Mengran often grabs her mobile phone to play. When she secretly copied Mo Jingshen’s private phone number, she did not pay much attention to it.

“She often sends messages, but I don’t necessarily read it.” Mo Jingshen clarified flippantly.

Ji Nuan subconsciously scrolled down and found dozens of unread text messages.

In addition to the SMS notifications of some company emails, there were indeed a lot of text messages sent by Ji Mengran, all of which were left unread.

She tapped to read a few. All the messages contents’ were basically playing the role of a good sister, speaking with good intentions on her behalf, but on the sidelines, alluding that Ji Nuan was aloof and eccentric.

In short, really ambitious!

Mo Jingshen allowed her a moment of silence before gently advising: “Being young doesn’t equal simplicity and family love doesn’t represent all trust. If you can open your eyes earlier, it would be for the better.”

Ji Nuan looked up at the man who seemed to have had an insight into everything.

It was no wonder that Mo Jingshen rarely came back when Ji Mengran came to stay. This man must have already seen through Ji Mengran’s hidden thoughts.

She should have woken herself up ten years ago! How could she be so blind!

Ji Nuan knocked her head twice and suddenly hissed for accidentally hitting the bump from last night’s accident. Her whole face crumpled in pain.

Mo Jingshen stood up and peeled her hand off from her red and swollen forehead. He frowned: “Is the pain not enough? Aren’t you going to stop until you hurt yourself again?”

Ji Nuan looked up as with tears shimmering in her eyes. At his stern expression, she responded contritely: “I will no longer let others randomly come to the Royal Garden. Did I cause you a lot of trouble before?”

“Anything related to you isn’t a problem. This is all up to you.” Mo Jingshen tilted her head up to check the wound on her forehead, then called a servant over. “Bring the medicine we brought back last night.”

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  1. This Mo JingRan is such an amazing hubby except for not helping show how vile Ji MengRan was rather than leave Ji Nuan to learn for herself…. Tho maybe he tried before and she was too brainwashed and obstinate to accept

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