WBWY – Chapter 6.3

If they were to kiss again, neither of them would be sleeping tonight.

Ji Nuan’s face was now dyed red to the tip of her ears. She immediately furrowed back into the quilt the moment he let her go, but then he felt him getting out of bed.

She sprang up with the quilt bundled in her arms. “Where are you going?”

Mo Jingshen headed into the bathroom, but left a word, “Bathroom!”

Ji Nuan was at a loss for a moment.

Didn’t he just take a shower? Why was he showering again?

It was not until she heard the rush of water from the bathroom that finally caught the drift of it.

Red bloomed on her cheeks again and she almost laughed out loud. Bundling the quilt in her hand, she lay down on the bed once more and inhaled the clean scent of Mo Jingshen on the bed….

At six o’clock in the morning, the morning mist turned the surroundings foggy.

Ji Nuan was awakened from jer nightmare in her previous life. Her eyes suddenly opened and she jolted up of bed.

The position next to her was already cold. The quietness in the room made her heart empty. She scrambled out of her quilt and got out of bed. In her haste, she stumbled and reached for the table.

The sound of the door being pushed open made her look up to see Mo Jingshen neatly dressed standing by the door.

He seemed to have just woken up not long ago and had just taken a bath. His shirt and trousers were clean and crease-free.

“Aren’t you feeling well?” The moment he saw Ji Nuan’s almost transparent face, he walked quickly over.

Ji Nuan just stared at him, watching as he approached, watching at his concern when he tried to feel her forehead.

It turned out that everything yesterday was not a dream.

Mo Jingshen withdrew his hand because of her stare. She has always resisted her touch. Was yesterday’s anomaly perhaps just her being haunted by a nightmare?

Has she come back to her senses today? Would she start pushing him away again?

“Are you dizzy?” He struggled not to touch her again. “Last night’s bump must have had a sequelae. I’ll take you for a CT scan today. I’ll call Ms. Chen to help you change your clothes.”

With that said, the light on Mo Jingshen’s eyes were extinguished as he turned to leave.

“Mo Jingshen!” Ji Nuan called out to stop him.

The man who has just turned his back swivelled around, catching Ji Nuan who suddenly leaped into his arms.

Mo Jingshen was startled and raised his hand unthingkingly to hold her. The little woman in his arms however beat him to eat as she hugged him tightly, her arms wounding around his waist.

He froze for a moment or two because of her enthusiasm. He looked down at the furry head below his chin and mussed her hair. “Let’s go to the hospital if you’re not feeling well, hmm?”

Ji Nuan remained silent, only holding him tightly, breathing in the fragrance of the man’s morning shower gel.

“Did you have a nightmare?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Ji Nuan clung to his straight strong back. Her sense of dependence just doesn’t want her to let go. She added tremulously, “I dreamed you didn’t want me anymore. YOu went away for ten years and then married another woman.”

Considering that she has just woken up, her raspy voice was rather overtly feminine.

Mo Jingshen tousled her hair once more before speaking softly: “Don’t be paranoid. I’ll never marry anyone but you.”

Ji Nuan buried her face deeper in his arms and didn’t counter.

Whatever her past life may be, she will never miss him again!

“Is your head still hurting?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I just got up too fast so I stumbled. I’m fine.”

“Ms. Chen has prepared breakfast. Go wash your face and go downstairs to eat.”


4 thoughts on “WBWY – Chapter 6.3”

  1. Mo Jingshen is very cute, even when he wants to be strong and keep his distance to avoid being hurt again by his contempt, he can’t help worrying about her …..

    Thanks for the chapter! ^ ^


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