TOCH – Chapter 327

Chapter 327: She declined

His unexpected disclosure to Mr. Roland about their relationship seemed nothing, that the exposure of the matter didn’t affect his mood at all.

It’s just that, as soon as he got out of sight, he grabbed Fang Chixia’s arm and held it gently as if there was nothing unusual to it.

Fang Chixia wasn’t surprised at all.

In her own understanding of the man, his defense was probably just because she was her woman now.

After they’ve separated, everyone will go back to their original positions.

A hidden marriage, all there was to her connections with him was being able to sleep beside him at night.

Luo Yibei, who was completely indifferent from beginning to end, didn’t make Fang Chixia feel at a loss. Her mood didn’t even stir a ripple. If nothing, she followed him back to the office.

With his first hand knowledge on Fang Chixia’s skills last night, Luo Yibei entered his office and sat on his tall chair. He asked, “Do you want to learn design?”

Fang Chixia didn’t even think about it and denied directly, “I don’t want to.”

Her answer puzzled Luo Yibei, “Why not?”

He was really curious about her answer.

She now lives with him every day and Rongxi was a legend in the jewelry design industry.

Now that he has extended an olive branch to her, this kind of treatment was probably what many people dream of.

With such preferable conditions for cultivation, as long as she nods, the future of the design industry was likely to undergo revolution in her hands.

For many, this offer was no doubt a pie in the sky, but she declined!

She actually declined!

Luo Yibei stared at her, eagerly awaiting for his answer.

Fang Chixia’s plan for her future was actually to enter the translation team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and become an interpreter.

It was for this reason that she learned French, Italian, German, English and so on.

She was highly gifted in terms of languages. Others may take years to acquire a new language, but for her, she only needs three months to be able to communicate fluently, which was undeniably was her expertise.

Her major was the same thing and entering the translation department was a good choice. Designing wasn’t in anyway included in her plan.

Moreover, if she really were to engage in design, she’s afraid she’ll be dealing with the Luo family a lot more in the future.

These were all thought out in Fang Chixia’s mind, but she was clever enough not to let Luo Yibei catch a drift of it.

If she were so outspoken, he might take it that she dislikes him and couldn’t wait to turn her back on him while he still has his eyes on her.

Fang Chixia weighed her words cautiously, “Haven’t I already chosen French? Juggling my studies with Rongxi leaves me no spare time so let’s talk about it again later!”

She refused euphemistically. Neither did she provoke him, nor caused herself any trouble.

Luo Yibei stared intently at her, not believing a word from her, but still declined to probe more.

“I’ll go out first.” Fearing that he would ask more, Fang Chixia walked out calmly.

Her tasks were a lot more compared to when she was in Country C.

Whenever Luo Yibei encountered something cumbersome, he likes to hand it over to her to deal with. Running errands, miscellaneous, meeting arrangements, Fang Chixia was trained from being an insignificant assistant to a special personal assistant.

Holding a pile of documents, she just came out from his office when the telephone on her desk rang.

“Hello, Rongxi International.” Fang Chixia placed the folders on the desk before picking up the phone.

“I’m looking for Yibei.” The vaguely familiar feminine voice answered.

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