SWPF – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: We are engaged

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month was a rainy day. The rainstorm has been raving for quite some time.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the sky cleared, and the sun that had not been seen for a long time sneaked out in between the clouds. Even a rainbow could be seen lying spread across the sky.

When Lu Xingzhi returned home in the afternoon, she saw a black sedan parked outside the yard with a logo that she couldn’t tell.

It exuded luxury so she dared not touch it.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi carefully tiptoed around the car, but then saw the driver’s seat opening. A man garbed in a white shirt and black trousers alighted from it.

About thirty years old, 1.88 meters, has finely carved facial features, an imposing figure, an elite by sight.

However, after he got off the car, he respectfully opened the door of the rear seat.

Lu Xingzhi just opened the door when she caught a glimpse of the man straightening up from the car. Her eyes widened in amazement.

Very tall, absolutely stunning, in the most direct sense.

His brows were carved out from a sword taken out of its sheath, sharp and stellar. His eyes, those pupils were deeper than the average man, making one think of black glass sparkling.

His lips were slightly plump but petal-smooth, rendering them even more sexy.

His lips were slightly raised, making his whole temperament a bit warm.

However, this man was no doubt born with noble elegance. Every bone in his body was downright refined.

The sunrays that hit him formed a halo, conjuring the image of divine being stepping down.

Her heart was still singing praises, when her mind started wondering how did such a man appear in this place and why he seemed to be walking towards her.

He stopped before her and as if to confirm her identity, he slowy opened his mouth, “Lu Xingzhi?”

“You are?” Lu Xingzhi stood still and knew she appeared dull. She gawked at him for several seconds and was pretty sure she has never met this man.

“This is the first time we meet. My name is Huo Jinchen.” His baritone sounded like an ancient guqin playing, calm and steady, deep and resounding.

God has indeed favored him for even his voice rang music to the ears.

Lu Xingzhi remained silent and just stared at him. Reading the incomprehension from her eyes, Huo Jinchen immediately clarified.

“Your fiance.” This was Huo Jinchen’s sole purpose for coming.

Lu Xingzhi’s brows snapped together, then stretched clean again. She asked curiously, “So are you here to break the engagement?”

Huo Jinchen smiled, “No, I’m here to fulfill our engagement.”


Huo Jinchen was taken aback. For the first time, when he uttered such words to a girl, there was no joy nor surprise in the eyes of the girl. On the contrary, there was only doubt and confusion.

He gave her another once-over. Her height only seemed to reach his chest. Her lovely ball of head revealed a smooth forehead and an exquisite face.

She was wearing a white t-shirt with a cartoon character print and a pair of cropped denims showing off her slim ankles.

Her now narrowed eyes were sparkling like comets falling in the night sky, with a teardrop mole in the corner of one eye.

This beauty was simply bedazzling and flawless.

Huo Jinchen had never had emotional entanglements nor someone he liked. Before he came, he merely thought of her as a task.

Whether his fiancee turned out to be ugly or pleasing to the eyes, he didn’t care.

Finally seeing Lu Xingzhi, his heart felt quite relieved. At least, she looked good.

“Are you sure you want to talk to me here?”

Lu Xingzhi snapped back to her senses and realized they were still standing in the yard.

She immediately invited: “Then let’s talk in the house!”

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  1. Hello my name is Eiko 😁
    I like your translation so I want to ask your permission. May you give me your permission if I translate your translation into Indonesia language?

    Thank you


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