LLW – Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Do you deserve it? + leave of absence

It turned out….

There’s still camaraderie!

Like Feng Zhaoyang, people with this nature were only a few.

Her lips spread out into a heartfelt smile.

Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu stood behind Feng Chuge were also surprised watching as the rest of the class responded collectively.

Indeed, the response of these people were a bolt out of the blue….

Mr. Zhu was rooted at the same place, driven even more mad at the sight of the students around him.

What a superb demon witch. She has just entered Yuntian College and has already gathered these weaklings on her side. How could these students who were usually so timid oppose him openly?

The indignation in the deepest part of Mr. Zhu’s heart bloomed heavily. He swept the students with a chilly gaze, “Alright, since you all want to be punished one by one, then I’ll not hold back!”

He spread his legs and went backwards once more.

In just a second, a current even more powerful than the last surrounded them!

This momentum scared the group, but Class 7, headed by Su Ander, has already made up their mind to defend their little shimei.

No way were they going to allow students in Class 7 to be bullied!

If they bully one from the class, then face the whole class!

Mr. Zhu originally intended to scare off these group, who weren’t afraid of death. But seeing them still unmoved, the bottom of his eyes shone murderously.

He raised his hand and the powerful momentum out….

The current circled and rustled his clothes.

It surged around and around then it was dislodged towards the students…..

So strong was the momentum that each student subconsciously squeezed their eyes shut.

Athough they knew that Mr. Zhu’s punishment won’t be light, they still believed that Mr. Zhu would never kill them, unless… He was looking for his own death and doesn’t want to mix in Yuntian College anymore!!

The whole group wated for the impending punishment…..

However, to their surprise, the pain in their imagination never touched them. Instead, they heard Mr. Zhu’s painful cry in front…..


Following the wail, they all opened their eyes and saw Mr. Zhu, now covering his face and howling in pain.

Feng Chuge behind them clapped her hands…

“Mr. Zhu, so that’s all you’ve got!” Feng Chuge blinked at a spec of itchy powder on her fingertips.

Her brows cocked askance.

Sure enough….

If you don’t want to get hurt, just sprinkle itchy powder!!

The students were thrown off balance and stared at perplexedly at Mr. Zhu. When they glanced behind them at Feng Chuge, they finally understood….

Mr. Zhu only felt the prickling sensation on his face. Of course he was certain, it was Feng Chuge’s doing.

“Loathsome girl, give me the antidote!!”

Feng Chuge smirked, “Antidote? Okay….on several conditions….”

With that said, Feng Chuge’s voice turned stern, “Apologize to the class, otherwise, there’s no talking about this antidote!”

Mr. Zhu was raving mad. He never imagined that this newsly recruited student would be so proud.

“What a joke!! How can I, a teacher, apologize to his students?”

“Teacher?” The curvature on Feng Chuge’s lips deepened… “Are you sure you are worthy?”

“I’m not worthy? Did you think you are?” Mr. Zhu screamed.

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