WBWY – Chapter 6.2

Mo Jingshen sighed and warned gruffly, “Don’t challenge a man’s endurance like nothing. I’ll let go of you tonight. If you dare drill in my arms tomorrow night, you’ll taste the consequences.”

Ji Nuan remained passive in his arms.

“Go back to sleep.” Mo Jingshen patted her on the head.

When he was about to get up, Ji Nuan hurriedly stretched out her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

“I am sleeping here!”

Mo Jingshen looked down at shy little woman who’s demanding quite firmly.

A flush spread quickly across Ji Nuan’s face. She retrieved her arms around his neck, grabbed the quilt speedily and buried herself under it, hiding herself away from his sight.

He chuckled smugly: “If you’re shy, go back to your own room.”

“No, I’m sleeping here!” Ji Nuan threw out under the blanket.

Finally facing her sudden change of temperament, Mo Jingshen lay down beside her, and Ji Nuan who kept hiding and refused to show her head.

Suddenly, silence rang in the room.

Ji Nuan hurriedly pulled the blanket down.

She raised her eyes and again slammed into his dark eyes. He has been staring right straight at her so Ji Nuan’s face flushed red once more. Looking him in the eye, she whispered, “Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“You’re lying next to me, how could I sleep?”

Ji Nuan instinctively gave the bed a once-over. “This is not small. It’s no different from the one in the master bedroom. Even if I sleep here, I won’t squeeze you out! How could you not sleep?”

Mo Jingshen couldn’t help but laugh at her remarks.

“What are you laughing at?” Ji Nuan thought he didn’t believe her sincerity so she simply wiggled closer to him with the quilt, proving that she wasn’t planning on separating from him.

“Ji Nuan.” He suddenly called out her name dangerously low.


“You should have been aware of it.”

Ji Nuan leaned towards him subconsciously to better hear him talk. She has to listen to him clearly for fear of being kicked out deep into the night.

Because of her move, Mo Jingshen pinched her chin and tilted it up, then he bowed down for another lingering kiss and robbed her of her breath the second time.

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