EP – Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Husband, what’s your order

“It’s only a minor skin injury. It’s nothing!”

Pei Ruoxi uhurriedly pulled him up, “What nothing, there’s rust on the iron frame, what if you’re infected with tetanus?”

As Ji Mo’s eyes swept across her face, his eyes fell on her wrist. Her spring dress only revealed a tip of the bracelet, which he recognized was the one she had given him.

Troubled by this discovery, Ji Mo spaced out for a moment.

This time, Ning Xiaofei has already brought his coat over. “Director Ji, can you put this on?”

Pei Ruoxie reached for it and snatched it out of her hand while blaming her, “Unable to do anything right!”

Ning Xiaofei was also well aware that Ji Mo was injured just to support her hold onto the irone frame. She bowed apologetically, “I’m sorry Director Ji. “

“It’s not your fault.” Ji Mo snapped back to his senses and smiled gently at her. “Zhang Yue will accompany you. Be careful with the drawings on the table. If there’s anything wrong, call me at any time.”

“Okay!” Ning Xiaofei turned to Zhang Yue, “Then be careful on your way.”

After sending the three people away, she sighed in relief. She took the drawings of Ji Mo from the table, directed the workers to carry out the stage decoration, ran east to west, helped fetch the nails and tools…

There were all busy until it was getting dark. The layout of the show was finally completed.

She took out her mobile phone and took a panoramic shot of it. She was about to send it to Ji Mo to let him see where he was not satisfied when Mu Tianye’s phone call reached her.

Seeing the caller’s name “Yan Wangye” on the screen, Ning Xiaofei immediately swiped to the answer button. She composed herself before cheefully saying: “Husband, what’s your order?”

On the other side of the phone, the man smiled softly.

“The driver is on his way. He’ll first pick you up to the hospital for a change of bandage, and then take you here for dinner.”

“Don’t bother. My injury is almost healed. I’ll just buy a few more band-aids…

The man’s breathing sank.

“Have I asked for your opinion?”

“Hey, dont’ get angry. I’ll go…Why shouldn’t I go there?!” NIng Xiaofei immediately changed her tune. “Where are we having dinner? Do I have to dress up?”

“No need to.”

“Okay, see you later!”


The moment the man hang up.

“What a bully!”

Ning Xiaofei made face on her phone and turned around just in time to see Ji Mo. She hurriedly kept her phone and greeted him.

“Director, is your injury okay?’

Pei Ruoxi cut into the conversation and sneaked in, “You think you will be alright with seven stitches!”

“It’s not that serious. The doctor said it’s just a minor skin trauma. I got a tetanus shot. I just need a rest for a few days.” Ji Mo turned to look at the main stage and nodded with satisfaction, “Hmm… Well done, this is the effect I want.”

Taking a closer look around and making sure that everything was done according to the design, Ji Mo once again nodded with a smile.

“Everyone has worked hard. Let’s call it day and continue tomorrow!”

“Do you want me to send you back?” Pei Ruoxi offered.

“No, I’ll check the lights and the wiring.”

Ji Mo declined and took Zhang Yue to the main control room.

Pei Ruoxi pursed her lips and swiveled around, leaving with her high heels resounding on the floor

Ning Xiaofei was helping the staff pack up the tools, just as the driver’s called to inform her that the he was at the door.

“Okay, I will be out soon!”

Ning Xiaofei waved goodbye to the staff and quickly stepped out of the the broadcast hall.

It just so happened that Pei Ruoxi was driving her car out of the garage and saw Ning Xiaofei. She subconsciously followed her figure and saw Ning Xiaofei getting in a low-key and luxurious black long Mercedes.

She slowed down, watching as the car with Ning Xiaofei got lost into the traffic. Pei Ruoxi raised her lips and sneered.

“It turns out that you are just a caged bird!”



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