WBWY – Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6: He just called her Mrs. Mo.

“I really didn’t mean it… Oh!” Mo Jingshen sealed her mouth.

His kiss was different from the biting he had done when he was drugged. She instantly felt a burning sensation flowing throughout her body. Her whole self trembled from head to toe.

After six months of marriage and her first experience last night, Ji Nuan was still inexperienced. She didn’t even know how to respond. She shyly moved her tongue, which resulted to being sucked harder by the man. He deepened the kiss and almost robbed her of her breath.

Ji Nuan felt a little dizzy. Her lashes fluttered close and the man’s kisses moved to her sensitive ear. His husky voice whispered, “It’s almost dawn. If you still don’t go to sleep, there will be no sleeping tonight.”

She blinked open and slammed directly into his darkened gaze.

“Mrs. Mo, the pain last night has yet to subside. Are you sure you can handle it tonight?”

Ji Nuan just wanted to sleep and talk to him. Although she had thought of what might happen, she really was still sore from last night. Her throat was also hoarse from her crying. She instinctively shrank as the memories of last night came flooding into her mind.

Despite these facts, she still couldn’t forget, he called her Mrs. Mo….

So all of her struggles today weren’t in vain.

Since she is still Mrs. Mo, she has to be his wife for the rest of her life. How could this kind of thing be avoided?

“Will it still hurt so much the second time?” She asked with bated breath.

He obviously didn’t expect her to ask so suddenly. He stared at her intently, his gaze turning as if he could swallow her whole in an instant.

However, his eyes fell on the traces on her neck which has yet to recover….

Mo Jingshen could vividly recall how he had bullied her last night, driven by anger and the medicine.

It’s barely a day’s time. If he were to bully her again, he’s afraid she’d never get out of bed these following days.

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    1. Yup there is…This is the last draft that I’ve translated so far. I’ve dropped this already on my list, but thank you 🙂


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