TOCH – Chapter 326

Chapter 326: She’s my wife

His sharp eyes were like needles trying to pierce every inch of Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia was unsettled by his gaze but she has always been one to cope.

Mr. Roland must have been stimulated too much by Luo Yibei’s proposal for all his rationality were thrown out the window. Still wanting to regain his pride that he thought have just received a beating, he grit his teeth.

While staring at Fang Chixia, he added sarcastically, “Being young is truly good. You really know how to use your charm to your advantage. Oh, how much have you sold yourself to Mr. Luo? How many times have you slept together? For the sake of fame, have you no shame?”

He spoke without mercy and seemed to have forgotten Luo Yibei’s presence in the meeting room.

Since arriveing in Nice, Fang Chixia has always been with Luo Yibei.

Besides Mr. Roland, many in Rongxi were actually skeptical of their relationship.

There was something fishy in their relationship was a common thought in the company.

Although the facts were true, Mr. Roland’s ridicule, laying it openly in front of so many people in such a humiliating way, Fang Chixia’s dignity was trampled upon. Her whole whole face paled and her body trembled in anger.

Luo Yibei quietly observed her reactions and his brows furrowed.

Since they got marriec, he has never felt that she was bullied.

When it comes to it, this woman even dared to argue with him, would she actually suffer such humiliation?

At this time, she only needed to confidently retort back to the crowd, “I’m his wife!”

In this case, everything will be resolved.

Yet Fang Chixia held back her anger. Even her hands were clenched tight, but didn’t utter a word of rebuttal.

Her silence rendered Luo Yibei even more puzzled.

Fang Chixia thought that there was nothing wrong with Mr. Roland’s accusation.

Luo Yibei promised to marry her just because of her body, right?

The nature of their marriage was in fact no difference from buying and selling.

A paper marriage contract, where each taking benefits from it, it was that simple.

It was humiliating to say, but it was also a fact!

That’s why she couldn’t argue.

“Mr. Luo was just kidding…” She braved herself and looked up, setting aside the matter of their relationship. Before she could finish, Luo Yibei interrupted her, “Everyone’s unclear of Miss Fang’s ability so I understand. So next, let’s take a vote on it.”

Afterwards, he turned his head and called another assistant and gave a few instructions. In a short while, the man organized a hundred designers to come in.

Luo Yibei presented both both of Fang Chixia and Mr. Roland’s designs with their names obscured.

He mentioned nothing about who designed each and taking into account 100 votes, 90 of the final votes led Fang Chixia’s win.

Covering the designers’ names for a fair selection, putting aside the prominence of a top designer, Mr. Roland’s design was surpassed by Fang Chixia’s by a mile!

This result leff the whole of Rongxi dumbfounded and also delivered a resounding blow on Mr. Roland, afterwhich he couldn’t utter a word.

Luo Yibei was very satisfied with this outcome. At the end of the meeting, Fang Chixia walked past him in public.

When Mr. Roland rubbed shoulders with him, he whispered faintly for his ears only, “Right, I forgot to tell you. She is my wife so she sleeps with me every night.”

His casual announcement in Fang Chixia’s defense rocked Mr. Roland’s world upside down.

TLN: Now, Luo Yibei’s defending his wife… It’d be great if he did so publicly….

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  1. Straight out burn, sizzle and it does get hot with them. Secret marriage, but my threats will include me being married to you- Luo Yeibei -both of them technically.


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