TOCH – Chapter 325

Chapter 325: A rush of excitement

The sketch of the ring was plain static, but the way the curves were drawn brought it vitality, vividness, very life-like.

Just a glimpse of it actually could grab someone’s emotions.

Generally, design drafts were plain sketches and someone may just see the drawings on the paper.

However, Fang Chixia’s strokes can automatically stimulate one’s imagination, filling in the dynamic process of kissing, hugging, forming two hearts, just as a couple does.

This so called fluidity gave the design of the pen vitality, bringing to life the a couples’ passion.

This show of talent once again amazed Luo Yibei, but he remained impassive.

“In fact, I think the name of this design should also be changed into a phrase. A rush of excitement, in my opinion is more appropriate.”

Fang Chixia stared at her sketch and continued.

Luo Yibei just listened and made no interruption.

With no response from him, Fang Chixia added, “I was just stating an opinion. When it comes to designs, you know more than me.”

Though Luo Yibei responded with a faint ‘hmm” and even made no other sound, the announcement the next day at work shook everyone in the company.

Every Monday morning, Rongxi holds a company high-level meeting, attended by some of the department heads, as well as some important employees.

The meeting’s agenda was the designs submitted yesterday.

Luo Yibei first presented the design drawings selected yesterday. At the end of his presentation, he raised two designs and announced something out of everyone’s expectation, “With regards to Mr. Roland’s design, after careful consideration, the company decided to make some improvements based on the original design, and adopt Miss Fang Chixia’s design for the essence of the ring.”

His words were like explosives, blowing up everyone in the meeting room.

Fang Chixia, who was recording the minutes of the meeting, herself was caught by suprise and lifted her head in disbelief.

Who is Mr. Roland?

He is a sensation among the top designers in Europe. He is a master in the design world, whom many young designers respect and revere.

And who is Fang Chixia?

An insignificant assistant, whose name made no echo in every corner of Europe and someone they may have not heard at all.

What has Luo Yibei done just now?

He openly used a tiny, unremarkable, and even in layman’s terms couldn’t be counted as a designer, to provoke the authority of a master designer?

Roland was also present at the meeting, and his face turned white when he heard him.

“Mr. Luo, I can’t accept such a decision!” A man, who has always been put on a pedestal, certainly has his own temper. In the face of a sudden put down, Mr. Roland only felt that his dignity has been trampled on.

“Then this design will be discarded and the new issue of products will just adopt the previous ones.” Luo Yibei concluded indifferently. He has never been one to give room for bargaining, much less give someone face.

His mercilesss remark only made Mr. Roland feel as if he was hit on the face. His chest puffed in suffocation but he has nowhere to vent. In the end, his eyes swept in Fang Chixia’s direction.

Fang Chixia, who received his piercing glare, was caught in a moment of crisis.

The work of a master designer was suddenly replaced by a young girl, who didn’t look even like an adult. No matter who was in this position, it would be a great humiliation.

Mr. Roland slashed her anew, his eyes spitting fire.

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