LLW – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Mr. Zhu

“No wonder all of you could only stay on the seventh class. Look at all of you! You’re really a disgrace to Yuntian College! A bunch of useless waste, I’m really ashamed to be teaching you worthless pigs! Would you die if you try harder? If you dont’ work hard, do you want to stay in Class 7 for the rest of your lives without trying?”

When Mr. Zhu burst out, his whole face was dyed purple.

The students of Class 7 has been accustomed to such insults, it seems.

They remained indolent regardless of the teacher’s insults.

The collective disregard of the students stoked Mr. Zhu’s rage even more.

His line of sight suddenly swept and braked at Feng Chuge’s group, then scowled.

Right, four new students have arrived this year.

At the sight of Feng Chuge, who was leaning lazily against her hand on her cheek, Mr. Zhu’s eyes saw red.

Well done! Even new students don’t put him in their eyes.

He took a step forward and pointed straight at Feng Chuge–

“You get up!!”

The teacher’s lecture was nothing more than just some well written papers, which was of little to no use to real spiritual cultivation. Not to mention his boring way of teaching, where he went on and on, Feng Chuge was bored to death and nodded off for a refreshing nap.

She had never been systematically educated in her previous life. She was plunged directly into the organizational training from an early age and didn’t know that classroom learning could actually be this boring, especially having encountered this uninspiring teacher….

Now, she’s knows.

As she was daydreaming, a low roar reached her ears.

Feng Chuge blinked and looked at the teacher.

“Sir, were you talking to me?’

“If not you, then who else?” The moment Mr. Zhu took a good look at Feng Chuge’s whole appearance, his eyes flashed in wonder.

He never expected this new student to be so beautiful!

Stunned only for a moment, he recovered from his senses and continued on his tirade, “It’s only the first day you entered the class and you’ve already become lazy. Did you come in just to hang out? Or did you think you could become human just because you’ve entered Yuntian College? Shame on you!”

That was quite true.

Feng Chuge felt where the anger of the gentleman was coming from so she didn’t intent to take his words to heart.

However, the next words of the teacher completely infuriated Feng Chuge…

The teacher stepped back and continued, “Why did you think of staying in Yuntian College? It would be better if you get out of the school and find a good man to marry. With your looks, you’re better off as the queen of flowers (a famous beauty or a courtesan) than being here! What damned luck with a bunch of trash! Each and every one of you are just a pain in the neck!”

The gentleman’s insults sparked everyone’s resentment in the room, but nobody dared make a move.

They were all well aware that Mr. Zhu must have encountered another trouble again and if someone was to rise against him, he’ll certainly be his punching bag.

Although Mr. Zhu was certainly an awful man, since he could become a teacher of Class 7, his strength can’t certainly be underestimated.

On the side, Feng Chuge stood indifferently.

Until Mr. Zhu finished, she lowered her head to conceal the chill beneath her eyes.

As the teacher, his insults were downright unbearable….

And those words were completely personal attacks on her dignity….

Her eyes gleamed as she looked up, her smile concealing the sinister glow, “Has Class 7 always been under you?”

The teacher appeared surprised at Feng Chuge questioning him in return. He was a bit dumbfounded, but still answered in the same disgusted tone, “Yes….”

4 thoughts on “LLW – Chapter 122”

  1. A student’s competence is a reflection of what kind of ability his teacher has. Mr. Zhu should stop and reflect on himself and think what kind of a teacher he is.

    There are no stupid/idiot students only incompetent teachers.


  2. True TRUE! I feel a nice Face Slap is gonna HAPPEN and it will be very deserved! Nasty pissy Non Teacher :p ! Gracias!


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