LLW – Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: When a woman pursues a man…

Di Jing Lian exclaimed, while taking another look at Di Jue Chen from head to toe. “Brother, I must say, the way you look after being poisoned is really too adorable. If I could, I would have hugged you close and pinched your cheeks, but on the premise that you won’t skin me off. I know you hate people touching you the most….”

When Di Jing Lian finished her woes failing to notice that the child in front of her was smirking.

His bowed head, coupled with his short height allowed no one to easily see his expression.

His eyes narrowed and a mental image of someone who once ‘pinched’ him flashed before him. In an instant, his mood brightened….

Di Jing Lian sat randomly on a stone bench in the courtyard.

“When exactly will you be able to cure this poison?”

“In two months’ time.” It’s too slow, Di Jue Chen lamented.

“Two months is really too long… Do you think Little sister-in-law will like someone else in these two months?”

“She’s my woman.” Di Jue Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously, his tender face turning all serious in an instant.

“I was just saying…” Not expecting her brother’s vehement response, Di Jing Lian forced to keep her smile. “Brother, can you help me find someone?”


“Yun Qianche of Class 1…” Di Jing Lian held her cheeks with both hands as if in deep sorrow. “It’s all Aman’s fault. Aman told me that when a woman pursues a man, there’s only a thin veil that separates them. As long as this thin layer of veil is broken… So I went to smash this thin veil in the middle of the night and he thought I was a thief. He almost caught me. It was really embarrassing. Now, I don’t know hw to face him… And I haven’t seen him since then. I think he was scared off and deliberately avoids me.”

Di Jue Chen looked at his sister and raised a brow.

The corner of his eye on that childish face slightly rose.

Then his thin lips opened–


Di Jing Lian glanced at Di Jue Chen as if hurt, “No matter what, you have to help me find him and I’ll my little sister-in-law for you…”

The three short words ‘sister-in-law’ were music to Di Jue Chen’s ears. Another rare smile escaped his lips as he answered, “Okay.”

His eyes squinched onced more and suddenly wondered what Feng Chuge was doing…..

He wasn’t at all clear of Feng Chuge’s real strength, but he was certain that her power was higher, at least beyond a senior spiritual master.

This master who had to sit in through Class 7 and listen to those classes, he was just afraid that she’d nod off….

In Class 7, the lecturer arrived as scheduled.

Yuntian College is highly hierarchical and particularly strict in its system.

Not only students, but even teachers can’t get absent without reason.

The students sat around the teacher.

The teacher’s cold frosty eyes swept over the class and his eyes glowed with disdain.

This group of hopeless and weak fools!!

The existence of the seventh class throughout Yuntian College is a disgrace.

He’s really ashamed to teach such a class!!

Their lesson was about the key points of spiritual control so the teacher just read everything as if he was endorsing.

The content taught was almost meaningless.

The boring lecture has long rendered the listener’s below sleepy.

The teacher was in a bad mood earlier.

On the way to the class, he has just met three teachers and was severely taunted as a result.

Faced with this group of people, his nerves was further aggravated.

He took two steps back, looked at the crowd, then smiled contemptuously….

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