TOCH – Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Chixia’s striking design

The two finished their meal in harmony.

After which, Luo Yibei spread a large stack of design sketches and sat on the sofa.

It was the practice of Rongxi to release a new collection of jewelry every once in a while.

Every time new products were to be released, designers would always hand in heaps of designs which ultimately end up on Luo Yibei’s hands for screening.

He was now flipping through the designs, screening for the new batch of jewelry.

He has always been more critical on aesthetics. He thumbed through the pile of designs till the last remaining few.

And the handful of his selection only caused a wrinkle to form between his brows as he found them unsatisfactory.

Fang Chixia who was studying her own school book beside him caught his reaction from the corners of her eyes and then casually stretched her neck to have a glance at the design in his hands.

The piece Luo Yibei was contemplating on was a ring. The design was in fact superb with tiny diamond studs embedded in the two hollowed-out interwoven shapes.

It was quite unorthodox, especially the hollows.

Fang Chixia was at first mesmerized.

But after taking a second look, she thought it wasn’t quite right.

Fang Chixia stared at it for while and blurted out, “Those to hearts are too stiff.”

Luo Yibei lifted his head up in surprise.

He too was amazed at the design at first, but it wasn’t something he couldn’t wait to see.

Staring at it for a while, his thoughts were the same as Fang Chixia’s.

However, he was a descendant of a family engaged in jewelry so it was natural for have such keen of smell.

But Fang Chixia was different. Not to mention she hasn’t been exposed to jewelry that much, her major had nothing to do with jewelry design the tiny bit!

Against all odds, she could sniff out these flaws at a glance.

This woman…..

Luo Yibei has always know that Fang Chixia was smart. He has witnessed it many times. He just never expected her jewelry acumen to be covered as well!

The design in his hand was the work of a well-known French designer and also one of the top designers of Rongxi.

The designer’s work since he was signed by Rongxi has always been impeccable.

Designers who had already built their reputation have always been the ones to lead the way.

Fang Chixia’s comment was equal to provoking the master!

Fang Chixia herself has seen the designer’s name on the piece of drawing and knew that she was disrespectful to her predecessor, but it was just her and Luo Yibei, thus delivered her thoughts frankly.

“How can you better improve it?” Intrigued by her comment, he placed the design on top of the tea table and looked at her askance.

Fang Chixia scrutinized the ring for a moment and then found another piece of blank paper. Holding a pencil, she sketched something and finally handed her output to Luo Yibei. “Here.”

She drew two hearts. Her lines were more dynamic than the previous design with the shape of the two hearts interwoven differently.

Her heart shapes were smooth, the tips of which were delicately upended, interwoven as if hugging and kissing.




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