Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Little sister-in-law

Following the voice, they only saw a woman entering the room.

The woman’s long red dress hugged her figure perfectly cutting a superior elegance at a glance.

Between her delicate eyebrows settled a hint of anger and ridicule, “Su Ande, you’re not as good as our new little shimei, aren’t you embarrassed of yourself?”

When Su Ande saw who has come, his expression changed instantly.

“You… what are you doing here?”

The woman blinked at him, “Look at you, what are you so afraid of? I’m not here to look at you….”

Su Ande stared warily at her, but saw her turn her attention to Feng Chuge. She gave her a once over before speaking.

“You are Feng Chuge?” The woman in red asked with great interest.

“Right.” Feng Chuge nodded.

Feng Chuge’s brows wrinkled a bit facing the woman’s fervent inquiry.

At the same moment, the woman burst into a mischievous laughter, “Hahaha….He’s got good eyes.”

“He?” Feng Chuge inquired skeptically.

The woman in red refused to elaborate and instead extended an arm and patted Feng Chuge on the shoulder. “Little sister-in-law, rest easy, I’ll cover you in Yuntian College later on. If these group of bastards dare bully you, I’ll kill them for you!”

With that, her eyes stared daggers at Su Ande, “Especially you, Su Ande. I have to say, aren’t you ashamed of yourself. We entered Yuntian College at the same time. Now, I’m in Class 2, but you’re still in Class 7! Hey? Are you deliberately lingering in Class 7 so you can bully every new Shimeis’ that come in?”

Su Ande could barely pull a smile, but his eyes shone with an indiscernible bitterness. The next moment, he raised his head, “It’s none of your business ~~”

Feng Chuge in front of them was flabbergasted at this “Sister-in-law” that was a bolt out of the blue.

Little Sister-in-law?

She surveyed the woman in red and opened her mouth to ask, but was beaten to it as the woman smiled, “I can’t stay much longer. I still got things to do. Little sister-in-law, if you have any problems later on, just come find me directly in Class 2….”

With that reminder, she leaped and flew away from the room….

“Who is she?” Feng Chuge followed her figure and asked.

“That nosy woman? Di Jing Lian.”

“Di? Of Tiandifu?” Feng Chuge’s eyes condensed.

“She isn’t from a family in Tiandifu. There’s no reason for talents in Tiandifu to enter Yuntian College. But as for which family she is from, I really have no idea….Shimei, don’t believe any of that meddlesome woman’s nonesense. She’s just reckless and has always been one to blab. I wasn’t really bullying you. I was just testing your strength~”

Feng Chuge raised a brow.

She really doesn’t have anything to counter that.

That woman’s quite the chatterbox.

How did she be her little sister-in-law?

The person who led the way earlier told Feng Chuge that they would be having their first class in this room today.

Although she really has no interest in these missionary tasks, she still led the way and found a corner to sit down.

Zilan, Luzhu, and Biluo flanked her on three sides.

Feng Chuge leaned against her chair and started brooding.

At the end of the day, her adoptive father has asked her to go to Yuntian College to get something…..


Meanwhile, outside, Di Jing Lian in her red dress swept through the air, heading towards a remote corner.

“Brother, I saw the little sister-in-law.” The moment she landed into that yard, Di Jing Lian yelled.

From the room out came a small figure.

The little figure arranged his arms across his chest and shoot the woman a glance, “You didn’t reveal anything to her, did you?”

“Rest assured, I am your sister, how can I dismantle your desk?”

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