EP – Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Remember to sign an autograph

“What are you doing here?”

The man’s voice was a little hoarse. His whole face was obviously tired. He must be exhausted, so being caught up with such a thing definitely upset him.

“I’ve heard of your song being leaked out. I specifially came over to explain.” Ning Xiaofei looked at him apologetically. “I apologize for taking that Udisk that day. However, I have to clear everything up. This thing really has nothing to do with me. I have deleted the backup file and I have not told anyone.”

If he suspected her, let the police investigate her!

Xicheng raised his eyebrows. To involve the police, he also have to explain to the top management. He was tired to death so his mood naturally had nowhere to vent.

“That’s it?”

His annoyance was unmistakable, but still, Ning Xiaofei smiled.

“Then, I’ll not bother you any longer. I’ll head out first.”

After a few steps in the direction of the elevator, she swung around, looked toward the other end of the corridor and jogged back fast.

“Mr. Xicheng!”

Xicheng looked back only to see the girl panting in front of him.

“I’ve one more thing to tell you. Just when I came out, our receptionist Ms. Song specifically told me to tell you, she and all fans that support you will be your strong backing. They will certainly support your official CD.” Without pausing, she added sincerely, “And while I was on my way, I listened to your new song and I liked it very much. It was a great work. I’m sorry for the words I’ve said before. I was just too angry that day and was talking nonsense. I have always thought that you have the heart of a singer.”

Looking at her, the girl’s face filled with sincerity, without a bit of concealment and avoidance, then recalling his own misunderstanding and targeting of her before, Xicheng felt inevitably guilty.

The little girl has taken the initiative to apologize to him. How could he still sit on his high horse.

“Thank you”

After the event, everyone – both the company and the media – was worried about the impact on album sales and how much he would lose…. and so on.

Ning Xiaofei was the first person to affirm and comfort him, and she was more concerned with his music itself than others, and that was the real meaning of his music.


What he already has was nothing to him.

Meeting his gaze, Ning Xiaofei gently licked her lips, winked playfully and extended her palm.

“So, are we reconciled?’

Xicheng smiled and stretched over the palm of his hand and gently shook her little hand.

“Of course.”

Holding his palm, Ning Xiaofei beamed and retracted her hand.


Waving goodbye to the two, she walked to the elevator and then again stopped on her tracks.

“Mr. Xicheng, remember to sign me an autograph then!’

Back to her, Xicheng raised his right hand and made an OK gesture.

“Mr. Xicheng.” Xu Yang chased. “You really… believe her?”

Xicheng shrugged.

“It’s not what she did.”



Xicheng did not say anything.

He didn’t know why, it was probably just an intuition!

That pair of eyes did not look like she was lying.

“These cops are all idiots. Arrange for our people to check, find the original publisher and look up the IP address.” The man’s eyes turned heavy, “I want to see who’s trying to play me!”

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