Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Can’t put all eggs in one basket

Feng Chuge slipped back into the room without a sound.

Even Zilan was unaware of it.

Lying in bed, she stared at the ceiling while reflecting on Elder Yang’s proposal. A glimmer of flashes beamed at the bottom of her eyes.

Senior refining pharmacist…

It seems that this Yuntian College really does have such a talented person!

Her decision to enter seemed right!

Early the next morning.

Feng Chuge just got up when Zilan greeted her, “Miss, that prince has left.

“Is that so?”

Feng Chuge stretched out lazily and casually asked.

“When we went out, we saw him sneaking away…”

Feng Chuge smirked, “He’s afraid of embarrassing himself for staying here any longer.”

“What a loser!” Zilan couldn’t help adding a jibe.

Before, that He Lian Jin Yu has always been pompous. Where has his arrogance gone to now?

“Miss, when I went out before, I heard someone saying that the second most beautiful man in Yuntian mainland, Yun Qianche, is also here in Yuntian College.” Recalling the conversation she has overheard, Zilan reported to Feng Chuge overflowing with anticipation.

Having seen the world’s first beautiful man, she was looking forward to seeing the second on the list…

With saliva almost flowing out of her mouth, Biluo and Luzhu could only turn a blind eye.

They really haven’t known before. Zilan turned out to be nuts about beauties….

Sensing the chagrin of two sets of eyes pointing her way, Zilan drowned her enthusiasm out and turned to scold the other two, “What do the two of you know? Aren’t I just looking for a lord for our Miss? Although Di Jue Chen’s looks were incomparable, he might be quick to temper. Now, I’m just assessing this Yun Qianche for our Miss so Miss could have options! We can’t put all our eggs in one basket, don’t you think?”

Biluo and Luzhu were speechless.

They look at each other, and they don’t know what to say.

By their side, Feng Chuge rubbed her temples.

Was she too kind to these three that they would always find time to poke fun at her….

Outside, hurried footsteps stopped by their door followed by an urgent call, “Everyone, pack up quickly and follow me. Today is your first day of your formal admission. You must not be late.”

Only then did the three maids stopped tackling about the task of “finding their lord.”

The sunrays broke through the branches and scattered on the ground.

Under the mottled shades of the trees, four figures traversed Yuntian College and headed to a certain place.

Leading them was the person in the college responsible for receiving new students.

“All the disciples who enter The Cloud Sky College must first enter Class 7. The seventh class is the weakest of all classes. In line with Little shimei Chuge’s strength, the seventh class must be beneath you, but rules are rules. Miss Feng must wait for three months, take the exams, and advance to the sixth grade or to an even better class.

Feng Chuge and the others who were following behind, nodded.

Not long after, they finally reached were Class 7 was.

In Yuntian College, the hierarchy was strict.

From Class 7 to Class 1.

It was all about building strength.

Yuntian College conducts a promotion test every quarter. Only when they meet the requirement can they advance to the next class.

Upon their arrival, they caught Class 7 in the middle of a racket.

The seventh class is the worst class in Yuntian College despite the fact that most of the students who entered Yuntian College were the geniuses in Yuntian mainland and were used to be top-tier members in their respective families.

But when they’re in the middle of this elite gather, everything was different…..

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