TOCH – Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Stay with you

“I’ll take a break!” Shoving the club into his hand, she turned and left.

Running hastily, she got back to the lounge area with her face bright red.

“Hot?” Tong Yan glanced at her flushed face and asked knowingly.

“It’s nothing.” Fang Chixia looked for a chair and sat down quietly, waiting for Luo Yibei and Qing Muchen.

After she left, Luo Yibei wasn’t feeling much interest. In just two minutes, he followed.

“It’s already late. Better go back!” Tong Yan dropped and irregardless of her consent, she pushed Fang Chixia and led her outside the club.

Fang Chixia was speechless. She glanced at Tong Yan and waved at the heavens, “See the sky!”

Tong Yan beamed at the two and waved goodbye.

Fang Chixia then left unwillingly with Luo Yibei.

Tong Yan stared at the empty space where the two had been still pondering on the thought that Luo Yibei actually wasn’t that cold.

It was almost time for dinner so Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei first passed through a restaurant before going back.

By the time they returned to the villa, the lights in the house were already on.

She assumed it was the servants who came earlier than them.

A shimmering starlights glowed and sprinkled as if a flowing river and spread throughout the garden. The cobblestone path from the gate to the main house was hazy in the dark.

Fang Chixia advanced to the house in a good mood. Her pace was light but brisk. Seemingly enjoying the herself, she even took off her shoes and tiptoed on the smooth pebbles.

Without doubt, she was unconcerned with her image. She has always been free in front of him, doing whatever she likes without caring about the impression she might leave on him.

Luo Yibei brought up the rear, watching her tiptoeing. His burrowed first before he stopped beside her.

In fact, this carefree side of her pleases him more. Whenever she moved to flatter him, it always reminded him of her purpose for marrying him.

“I’ll take you in!” With that, Luo Yibei carried her princess style and moved long strides into the house.

“I don’t want to go in yet. I want to walk around the garden.” Fang Chixia remained pliant but flatly expressed her wishes.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.” Luo Yibei responded agreeably and slowed down a bit, but still carrying her.

Fang Chixia knew his temper well and was too lazy to protest. She leaned back and let him do as he pleased.

Luo Yibei’s said company resulted to a walk around, where he took her directly to the back mountain.

“I don’t want to go to the pool” Fang Chxiia frowned vehemently.

“Then you accompany me.” Luo Yibei didn’t blink and eyelid and continued to the pool.

“Want to join me?” Arriving at the hot spring pool, his eyes wandered down on her meaningfully.

“No.” Fang Chixia refused. Knowing that she’d end up at a loss if she were to stay, she jumped out of his arms and run back into the villa.

“I’ll fetch your towel!”

Luo Yibei let her go. He undressed and dipped into the pool by himself.

When Fang Chixia reappeared, he could tell she had a quick shower.

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