EP – Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Play with you to the end

Xicheng asked, “Did you find the original publisher?”

The person in charge shook his head. “I have informed our legal department to search for the main culprit.”

Standing up from the sofa, his eyes swept across the crowd, his gloomy eyes were as the sky before the storm.

“If it is any of you, better stand up now. You still have a chance!”

“Mr. Xicheng!” The audio engineer, Little Gang, stood up. “I can guarantee that this matter has nothing to do with me.”

“Me too!” The sound mixer also stood up.


Subsequently, several related personnel also stood up and vowed seriously.

Xicheng nodded.

“Xu Yang, call the police!”

It was no big deal for him if the sales of the album was affected. He doesn’t care. He just couldn’t stomach anyone daring to play tricks on him this way.

“This…” The person in charge frowned. “If you call the police, won’t it have an adverse effect on you? Otherwise, let’s have a meeting and talk about what to do!”

Xicheng snapped at Xu Yang.

“Are you deaf?”

Xu Yang glanced at the crowd, tapped his mobile phone and dialed the police hotline.

“Hello, I want to report a crime!”

In accordance with Xicheng’s record sales, each album at least sold more than a million. Even if it were a sneak peek only, the loss was already in tens of millions.

This invasion of proper was already a crime!


A pen, which Xicheng was playing on his hand, snapped. He gritted his teeth and warned.

“Dare to play with me, then I’ll accompany you to the end!”


TV station.

Ning Xiaofei went into the Ji Mo’s office, “Director, were you looking for me?”

“As far as I know, the second guest has already been settled. Fengyun Media has signed a confidentiality agreement with the guest. I will not be able to intervene in this regard. You should prepare it yourself.”

  Ning Xiaofei smiled and nodded. “You can rest assured.”

Mu Tianye’s profile has long been checked many times. Not to mention, having a big living person right there, if she had any problems, she would just ask him directly.

“Is this yours?”

Ji Mo gestured at the hanging pendant at the corner of his table and continued working on some documents. He could tell it was real gold. Because he found it near her seat, he asked Ning Xiaofei.

Ning Xiaofei looked at him askance then on the pendant and shook her head.


“Then go to work!”

Ji Mo nodded, raised his finger and buried himself into his paper work.

The day of the show was fast approaching. As the director-general, from the most important aspects of the show to the tiniest detail…. he has too much work to do in order to get the best results.

The moment Ning Xiaofei disappeared from the door, Ji Mo raised a hand and pinched the bridge of his nose. He stretched his fingers and gently squeezed the pendant with his fingertips.

For a moment, he unlocked a cabinet, opened the safe, and took out a photo frame from it.

The photo frame has been around for a few years, and the patent leather around it has been a bit mottled. A pair of a loving couple were framed.

The boy was him, but he was still very young at that time. His face was all smiles, not as melancholy and taciturn as he is now, watching the girl in his arms, tender and doting.

The girl he held in his arms, with long hair and bare thin face, smiled clean and splendid. She was garbed with ordinary clothes, but wearing an expensive DIOR bracelet on her wrist.

That girl wasn’t someone else, but Pei Ruoxi.


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