Chapter 117

Chapter 119: Be my apprentice

He Lian Jin Yu never knew how big the gap between people was.

That Feng Chuge can kill a man without blinking an eye, but this Miss Murong before him was so kind and forgiving.

They obviously were of the same age, but the temper between the two was so different.

And Feng Qingwan, who was hiding in his residence…She is so gentle as water…

Then again back to Feng Chuge’s success in entering Yuntian College while he flopped, He Lian Jin Yu was distraught.

Since Murong Qing asked them to leave, they had no reason to stay.

As they disappeared, Elder Yang burst into another hearty laugh.

“Is Elder Yang very happy today?” asked a voice behind him.

Elder Yang nodded cheerfully, “Yes… Of course, I’m happy…”

He answered instinctively and then paused.

He turned his head and only saw a woman in white lazily leaning against a pillar on one corner.

“What are you doing here?”

This girl… When did she come in? He didn’t even notice it.

“Should I haven’t come? Am I ruining the elders’ mood? You are so happy today. Is it because you have done an honorable thing and so is in fine spirits?”

Elder Yang cracked a smile, but he could spell out what Feng Chuge was pointing at. He beamed at her and asked, “When did Miss Feng come in?”

“Is it important?” Feng Chuge retorted, her eyes accusing him.

This good old man, he dare to tear down her desk!

How could she be happy when someone she wanted to kill was saved by someone else?

Aware of Feng Chuge’s displeasure, Elder Yang smiled and smoothen his beard, “Little girl, I would have never expected it. You are a pharmacist?”

Feng Chuge grinned, “I’m not as comparable to you, a living Bodhisattva.”

Knowing that Feng Chuge was mentally disturbed, Elder Yang approached her and blurted out of the blue, “I didn’t give her any antidote.”

“Hmm?” Elder Yang’s remark aroused Feng Chuge’s interest.

Elder Yang’s old face showed a radiant smile.

His whole face was as the chrysanthemums blooming in the wind…

“I didn’t say that it was an antidote. It was just a medicine that could relieved her pain. After a few days, if she was damned, she would still die.” Speaking of which, Elder Yang focused on Feng Chuge. “Have no doubt, I will never tear down your desk. You are a part of my family, how could I look out for outsiders?”

His family…..

Feng Chuge’s lips slightly pumped.

When did she become his own family?

Just as she was wondering, Elder Yang continued, “Little girl, I’ve decided to take you as my disciple. Now, you’re a midlevel pharmacist. I believe that you’ll soon advance to the top level under my supervision! This old man is going to pass you everything he has ever learned!”

Elder Yang was bursting with enthusiasm failing to notice that Feng Chuge was calmly watching him unperturbed.

She yawned….

“I should be dreaming at this moment. Well, it’s not too early. I’m going back to rest.”

Leaving that behind, Feng Chuge swung around without looking back and left.

“Hey, Hey, little girl, what do you mean? Don’t you want to be my apprentice? Do you know how many students in the college dream of following me to study medicine? You still…”

Elder Yang wanted to say more, but saw that Feng Chuge has already gone far.

He watched her disappearing figure and again smiled.

This girl… She really can’t judged by the standards for ordinary people.

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